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Hello - tawâw

Tawâw = Cree ​"come in, your welcome, there is room"

Heill Sæll = Old Norse "be healthy and happy"

Healing Earth Society is built upon our Earth Mother's request to Rise and Heal with Her during this Great Awakening

We must learn how to Heal ourselves, and truly see how the World is operating - so that we can work with these Forces, instead of against them

Through the Healing Arts of the E(art)h beneath our feet, the Goal here is for all the People to become Whole again

We will ALL arrive at our Promised Land

Which is : our very own
Purpose of Existence
Help Your Mind - Positive Neural Pathways

Health of the People

In order for humanity to fulfill our prophecy and help restore the Earth's balance, we must look at ourselves first.

We cannot heal the planet, until we realize that we must first heal ourselves.

It is up to us to see with our eyes, listen with our ears, and truly feel with our hearts.

It is time for us humans to open our minds, and start living with honour and respect for the land in which we call our bodies. 

Health of the Planet

Everything is energy, and all things in life are subject to the laws of nature.

Natural Law reminds us that we are not separate from the Earth, which means we reap what we sow.

The destruction of this Planet has impacted humanities consciousness to the point where we do not think before we act.

When we take from the Earth, and do not give back - we pay the price.

Mother Earth is trying to teach us that if we do not care for our bodies, we will be the cause of our own destruction.

As children of the Earth, we must show her that we are listening, and we are learning.

It is fundamental in this path moving forward to always have our Earth Mother's respect at the forefront of all our actions.
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Health of the Wild

The animal kingdom resonates with the emotional body.

Humans have found themselves in a state of constant fear, with anxiety-triggering propaganda lurking around every corner.

This natural, yet destructive emotional response within us affects wildlife on a shocking amount of levels.

We are here to learn how to open our hearts - and the animal kingdom is here to show us how to love one another, unconditionally.

If humans do not heal our emotional bodies, we will continue to destroy what we have left of our wildlife biodiversity. 

Healing Earth Society

About Us

This platform is a safe space, designed to offer multiple pathways for the individual to explore their own healing.

Not everyone is going to benefit from a single method of self-healing, as we are all built differently and come from many different geographical locations and backgrounds.

The best part about this - is that part of the overall Healing Process is Loving each others differences, and Opening our Minds to the one-of-a-kindess found within each and Everyone of us here on Earth.

The Great Mother, Gaia, Sophia, Pachamama, Hou Tu, Tonantzin, Pṛthivī Devī, and numerous other names given to our Beautiful Utopian Planet :
Thanks each and every one of You for Showing up here Today.

Even if it's only for a visit, there is something Here for All.

You are Safe here, to Explore the Depths of your Ocean.

We Encourage Your Questions

Dayna Sowilo Azu Larson

The Cosmic Cardinal

If you Ask, you shall Receive.


Dayna asked for her People to Show up, and she awaits Patiently for their Arrival. So, if you have come this far down the Rainbow Rabbit Road, she only Hopes you will find some Inspiration on your Quest for your Answers!

Dayna is a Visionary Artist, Medicine Woman, and Ascension Coach. Her ability to Transform the ways in which Society views themselves and the World around us is her Sacred Gift. This Cosmic Bird utilizes numerous tools left by the Ancients, and works diligently through the Arts to bring balance to our Communities, by dismantling the Patriarchy, in a Compassionate and Empathetic way.

Through her own experiences of direct Oppression, Exploitation of Femininity, and Disrespect of the People and our Earth Mother, Dayna has created the Space within herself for Transformation, Bearing much needed "Seeds of Change". She only Wishes to Share this Wisdom, while being Vulnerable in the process. In this way, others can Trust in her Words, Gracefully follow Suit, and Rediscover their own Shining Light!

Dayna goes by many Names, and wears many feathers! Her Love of Wisdom is the Foundation to her Limitless Potential, and this Creates a Life built around boundless expression.  Guiding others in search of their deepest Truth is what Drives her to Embodying a Beacon of Hope for a Better Future. A Future that that Honours the next 7 Generations. Dayna's story is Living Proof of Trusting in Ourselves, and Surrendering to the cards in which we were Dealt.


Teaching about the Laws of Energy, and Re-aligning these Spiritual Centres is Vital in the work that Dayna provides, as our DNA carries our Soul's Gifts. Dayna works closely with her People, relaying the necessary Steps that an Individual must take in Order to Unlock these Gifts.  

Dayna's sacred services are all about releasing what no longer serve our higher purpose, and turning our dreams into materialized reality!


She offers a safe creative space for the heart to fully submerse itself into true alignment of ones Mind, Body and Sprit. As learning is the true art of being, Dayna's Soul Speaks and her Brush Follows. 

"As Above - So Below"

​"When the world is ready to receive Me, I shall speak to men (and women) everywhere as the One Who is awaited, the One they have called, the One Who comes to lead them into the New Age... When I make Myself known, I shall express the hope of all (hu)mankind for a new life, a new start, a readiness to change direction; to see the construction of a New World in which men (and women) can live in peace; can live free from fear of themselves or their brothers (and sisters); free to create from the joy in their hearts; free to be themselves, in simple honesty."


| Message No. 8 || Ascended Master Meitreya Christ ||


Sacred Services

Dayna offers guidance and healing in various forms, and offers a Safe Space for All Walks of Life

She is Here  to help Guide those who are Searching for Alignment in All Forms :

Mind | Body | Spirit

The Goal here is to Raise our Individual Frequencies!

WE as Individuals ARE Responsible for our Actions and Reactions

We ALL Live in a Mind Altering World, designed to keep us in a constant State of Learning

Break Free from the Chains of our own Control ,  
while T
aking back our Powerful Gifts 

Once we Realize our Individual Potential and Sacred Gifts, we can Truly Live in Harmony with the World around us!

Through Dayna's Sacred Offerings, you are Guaranteed to find your North Star, the Light Inside that Guided you through the Dark and onto this Platform

If you Believe in Science, by default you must Believe in the Circle of Life and the Miracles that even the smallest Atoms Create - so Please, Trust in Yourself to Believe that YOU are the Miracle that Survived in Order to Fulfill your Great Work

Show YOURSELF the Love you Deserve,
Take the Plunge into your Waterfall,
Your Soul is Calling

When Your Heart Calls - Don't Hang Up.

"heal Yourself,
so you
 can heal the World"



Co-Create with Us!

Expand your vision and be shown off for all your amazing-ness.

Be apart of Healing Earth Society and help us spread the light, one remedy at a time.

Self-Healing Education

Break free from the chains of FEAR, by utilizing the Power of Imagination!

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