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Ascension Academy

"Finding Inspiration in Our Awareness"

Ascension is the Process of Personal and Spiritual Growth that Leads to Higher Levels of Consciousness and Awareness. As we release Fear, we Elevate our Vibration and Ascend to Higher levels of Being.

This process involves Shedding Old Patterns, Beliefs, and Limitations that no longer serve us.

Ascension is not a linear Journey; it is a continuous Cycle of Growth, Expansion, and Transformation.

By embracing the Concepts of Ascension, we can Navigate the Ups and Downs of Life with more Grace, knowing that each experience is an Opportunity for Growth!

This is a Safe and Nurturing Environment for Healing Karmic, Soul and Ancestral traumas.

The Mission Here is to  Transcend our Shadows and make Friends with our Adversaries, so we can Create Peace within Ourselves.


During this Daunting Period ahead, we must arrive at a Truthful Understanding of what it means to  Transition into the New Earth Paradigm.

In Dayna's Loving Care, she can provide Guidance and Support to help you stay afloat!


Dayna strives to Create an Inclusive and Welcoming Community, where

everyone can find Solace and Rejuvenation.

Your Ascension Advocate

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