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The Cosmic Cardinal

Dayna Sowilo Azu Larson

let's take a walk through the studio :

Creation Story

There have been many Stories that have unraveled into each of the works of Art that I have produced over the years. Many of which came after the Creation of the piece of artwork. In my perspective - this is a form of "Connecting the Dots", to truly see the Synchronicities of life through the Arts. At the end of the day, everything you see here in my Artist's Portfolio at the deepest level, is what has Healed my Soul.

To share my Life Story through the Arts is an Honour, as the Labour of Love I pour into my Art Speaks from the only place I know : My he(ART)

Some of these pieces were made years ago, yet are still telling stories to this day.

I am constantly fascinated by the way in which our Minds and Imagination are able to bring forth Matter this Realm. The human brain is so Powerful, and when we use this Tool we have been given for Good, we are able to  "Create Our Future" !

Artist Statement

“My Pledge to Mother Earth as a Creative Being... is to do everything in my Power to Protect this utopia we call Home. I believe there is a Direct Correlation between the Health of our Planet and the Health of our Minds, as the two go hand in hand. Before we can Heal the Planet we must first Heal ourselves as a Whole, and not just as a Part. The intent behind my Work is to help the viewer Reignite their Inner Child's Eye. Children see the World in its Purest form, Untainted, and without bias or greed.  Abundance lives beneath our feet, and Humanity must learn to Live in Harmony with each other and our Environments. Aside from focusing on Sustainable Practices in my studio - my Goal as an Artist is to help the Collective form Positive Neural Pathways, through meaningful Art. My work is a Kind reminder to be Gentle with the Earth, and each other."

"My Soul Speaks, and my Brush Follows.

A Sustainable Studio

Dayna is dedicated to creating Sustainable Art that honours Mother Earth.


She specializes in a Variety of Styles, including Line Art, Oil paintings, and uses multiple mediums to keep her hands free of toxic materials such as Rock pigment collected from around British Columbia and Alberta.


Dayna truly Creates with all the Elements, and her Unique Artwork can be found on Rocks, Wood Slabs, Painted Pianos, Snowboards, and just about anything that people would consider "trash".


The Mission here is to spread Beauty and Healing through Art!

Jumbo Wild Forever repurposed Snowboard Art
Grit to Pearl

from Grit to Pearl

Repurposed Arts


Brush Strokes

Stretch Canvas or Wood

Subliminal Art

Mind-ful of Magic

Subliminal Healing Arts

Astrology Designs

Moon Mountains

The Sacred Signs