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You're Just In Time!

Right NOW has never been a better time to Journey. This moment right here is what matters most, and you are here showing up for yourself. It's never too late!


So, you have found this platform, and you have obviously made a choice to keep diving into what I have to say

There is a reason you were brought here. It brings me absolute Joy to be of service to society, bringing my individual Gifts to the table to be used for the Greater Good.

This is the point in which I would like you to ask yourself, truly : "why am I here on Planet Earth?" 
- seriously ask yourself, what you believe your Purpose to be
(it is fine if you do not have an answer - remember - that may be why you are here!)

Yep - this question may sound cliche, but it is the most pressing question in Human History. A question that people have been searching the answers for Millenia. Humans have searched the depths of the Ocean, the glyphs of the Mayan Walls, to even disturbing Great Pyramid Tombs in Egypt for pursuit of the "Quest For Life". We do not need to break our backs, nor do we need to sink the Titanic in order to find the Truth.
Yep - a Pharaoh's Mummy was taken out of its tomb that held a curse against any and all who disturb it's slumber. The mummy was then put on board the Titanic, and the Titanic Sank.

Humanity has been searching for the answers in the most difficult places.

All of the answers we need to live this Life abundantly are within ourselves. 

We ALL have a purpose here on Earth. We ALL deserve to live Freely. We ALL have the right to live in accordance with our Souls Purpose. 

THIS is why you found my platform. 

EVERYTHING carries energy.

So, by me pouring so much of my energy into this platform, I am attracting those who want to find their TRUE SOUL PURPOSE.

It's time for Humanity to BREAK FREE from the chains of society, and start living the way we were meant to.
As Nature Intended.


As a Steward of the Earth, I take the actions I make in my studio quite seriously. Focusing my intention on the well-being of this planet allows room for a deeper connection with the environment around me. Living and breathing an eco-conscious lifestyle brings an understanding of all living beings. I focus most of my work towards repurposing materials and using all eco-friendly / sustainable mediums in my studio. I started painting snowboards early on in my art career, and have been hooked ever since!


I tend to create works of art inspired by areas that are under threat from corporate developments, or to promote our wildlife biodiversity. I have created a genre of designs over the years that target a collective awareness of our innate connection to All That Is. We are all tangled in this great circle of life, and it is my personal goal as an Artist to offer a kind reminder in the form of art, to be gentle with the Earth. 


The twists and turns of life have brought me to where I am today, living between two wonderous regions of Western Canada. I currently spend my summer months in the Rocky Mountains at Bow Lake in Alberta, and my off-seasons back at “home” in the West Kootenays of British Columbia. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of these communities, and will continue to spread my artistic activist light wherever my feet touch the Earth.


The Cosmic Cardinal :


 “the winds of change carry me to lush forests, high mountain air, and deep spiritual connections”

“My pledge to Mother Earth as a creative being, is to do everything in my power to honour this utopia we call Home. I believe there is a direct correlation between the health of our planet and the health of our minds, as the two go hand in hand. Before we can heal the planet we must first heal ourselves as a whole, and not just as a part. Abundance lives beneath our feet, and humanity must learn to live in harmony with each other and our environments. Aside from focusing on sustainable practices in my studio - my goal as an Artist is to help the collective form positive neural pathways, through meaningful art. My work is a kind reminder to be gentle with the Earth, and each other.”

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