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Who WE Are

You have arrived here on this platform, and now your asking yourself what all "Healing Earth" really means. How you ended up here, among all the censorship is a Miracle, and We thank you for being so constant in your search for higher purpose. This is a time when we must come together and clear our karmic blockages surrounding inter-relationships. The society we are currently living in is nearing its end, and it is up to those of us who stick together through Faith that we have the Power to make changes within ourselves, so that we can Lift the rest of God's Creations to the next dimension. 

We are experiencing a surge of Spiritually Awakening currents coming from Above. 

No, this is not a drill.

You asked your questions - then you went searching, right? 

You're human, that is your primal state. To Explore!

Well - here you should be able to piece together most of your puzzles. Just be mindful, we must write our own Story and Learn from our personal lessons what all these Cryptic messages really mean. 


Here at Healing Earth Society, the teachings brought forth are merely catalysts for the growth that will occur in each and every Being who reads these Words, sees our Art, and Listens to the One's Voice. 

If you dare to step into your Life's Purpose with Grace, please keep in Touch and follow along with a Proposed Agenda for the next steps in making this World a Better Place. Never forget to remember, because as soon as we stop giving energy to those who have Passed, we cut ourselves off from the very Source that brought us all Here. 

Healing Circles, Natural Medicine Shamanic Ceremonies, Sustainable Workshops and much more will be available



Blessings to You,

The Cosmic Cardinal

xx Dayna

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