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Welcome to Healing Earth Society - an Educational Platform designed to be of Sacred Service during these Challenging Times.


Here, we Believe that a Reconnection with Nature is essential to living a Fulfilling Life. Our customized programs are Designed to help you rediscover your Higher Purpose in Life. Dayna provides Truthful Knowledge on the Sacred Masculine and Feminine and how these Energies fit into the World today.


Dayna's Passion for Nature and the Spirit of Place will help you reconnect with your Environments in a way that Truly brings Wholeness and Alignment.


We understand at Healing Earth Society, that this World is in a State of Change, and Dayna's Teachings are Here to Help you Navigate through the Chaos.


Join in on this Journey towards a Healthier, more Aligned YOU!



Ascension Academy

Learn the Power of Self-Healing and Embodying a Life in Alignment with your Higher Purpose. This Course covers the basics of Ascension, helping you to Understand the Meaning of this Concept and how it can Transform your Life. Join us on the Path to the Highest form of Knowledge, that of : Self-Discovery!

Come Experience the Transformative Healing Powers of Aligned Ascension.!

Ascension Academy

Dayna offers a Safe and Nurturing Environment for Healing Karmic, Soul and Ancestral traumas.

The Mission Here is to provide a Space where we can Transcend our Shadows and make Friends with our Adversaries.

Once we all Truly Understand the ways we must Transition into the New Earth Paradigm, we can Ease our Worries, as this Current Time can be Daunting.

In Dayna's Loving Care, she can provide Guidance and Support to help you stay afloat.


Dayna strives to Create an Inclusive and Welcoming Community, where everyone can find Solace and Rejuvenation.


"Not Your Average Pawn" 

Coming Soon!

Learn the "Royal" Secrets that have been kept hidden in plain sight - so you can Claim your Freedom and be educated on the true Art of War, and the many tactics left behind from  Ancient Origins

Join the movement on the rise with Healing Earth Society.


Experience Love and Light as Dayna Guides you on a Journey of Expansion and Ascension. Take Advantage of this Special Offering and Unlock the secrets of Inner Peace and Spiritual Growth.


Don't miss out on this Opportunity to Transform your Life!


Meet You on the Other Side!

Below is a link to a FREE Course available right now on releasing fear through Imagination - this will only be available for a limited time so dive in!

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