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The Art of Dua-l-ity

~ a never ending book of revelations ~

We are all pieces of Creators Will, expressing ourselves thruogh the raw notions of this word we know as "Duality". Yet, in order to fully stand under its true meaning we must break it down, in order to grasp the truth that lies within.

"Dua" : is the asking of a servant for his Lord for help and for His continued support.

Meaning = we are the epitome of Creators ask for clarification on what Life really is. Einstein did not learn all he knows overnight, it came to him through trial and error, which is how us humans are enacting these lessons into the great aethers of this Universe

" - ity " definition : a suffix used to form abstract nouns expressing state, condition, or quality.

Meaning, = we are the expressed state of both the light and the dark. Protruding into every crevasse of this World, we show up each day to be the condition of God's own Free Will.

Starting Line

The Great Plan

Welcome! I'm glad you have stumbled upon this compilation of masterpieces, procured with inspiration from throughout the Ages, brought forth by every Being that has ever walked the face of this Earth. The mirror to our Creator's existence lies within our Soul, and we are here to express that essence through our own Creations. We were all created by Source to aid in the growth and eternal development of the Universe.

This very Soul contract was created many moons ago, in fact, so long ago we are now starting to dis-trust in the wisdom of our Ancient forefathers. I say forefathers because when life was created here on Earth, humans took the form of either male or female, in order for the Creator to learn from itself in polarity. So since the dawn of what we perceive to be “time”, humans have evolved and survived long enough for there to be a switch in roles.

This Great Plan was never devised, nor was it pre-determined to play out in all these catastrophic ways. This necessary unfolding of events throughout history has played the most beautifully orchestrated show the All-Seeing-Eye has ever witnessed. Man, and Woman are realizing their nature of duality through the physical and spiritual world around them.

Now with this “knowing”, we must give each other Grace in order to show those who have not yet realized their full potential, that they are taking their own pace and will make it to their destination when they are ready to fulfill their prophecy.

It takes courage to look at ourselves truly, madly, deeply… this is the only order to which we will find the order to all this chaos.


I would like to gratefully acknowledge, and ask every single Being that has ever existed, to please stand up, and pat your beautiful self on the back. It has been the most wonderful experience to read, listen, and dance to the most talented individuals on this Planet. Without all the People out there who are brave enough to share their Creations, their Vulnerability, and most importantly their Truth - I would not have been able to grasp hold or even come close to writing this book. 

When we open ourselves, we allow Creators learning to take place, which results in us humans as an integral part of the Great Medicine Wheel. Without diving too deeply into the symbolic relativity between all the different civilizations interpretations of the Cross, the Holy Trinity or the Law of One, I would like to bear witness to the sheer power of the Female, in all Her seeds of manifestations (Spiritual and Physical). The Holy Bible was transcribed too many Times, and resulted in a reflection within those Sacred Prayers of a World being run out of alignment. This book of Revelations will be narrated through both the Masculine and Feminine point-of-view. Utilizing the Cosmic Perspective, the viewpoint that comes from Above : “ As Above - So Below “. 

So without further adieu, I would like to welcome to the spaces within your Minds, between the pages of this book so lovingly provided by our Earth Mother - Creator’s Will. 

Forward "Fore-Ward"

Welcome to “The Great Plan”, or as I am calling it this time around "The Art of Duality". This structure is written, and designed to deliver a unique compilation of Truths, in a bite size form. 


Humans haven’t been chewing their food long enough these days, as our jaws get tired when we are required to grind down our resources. This can be put in comparison to the way we are building this World up, without care as to how we can properly, and sustainably operate within Natural Law. We Create things fast, without much thought, in the absence of making sure we can alchemize the bits at a later time in order to be made into newly developed tools. 


These next pages have been carefully crafted within the framework of this Book, to inspire, and mesmerize those who are seeking to find the answers. The most important part to comprehend early on here, is that there is no right answer here. It is my deepest Honor to relay my story in Hopes that we can all start to see for ourselves that the answers are not outside of us. Yes, this book will come as an external source of inspiration, which means as the Laws of Duality (which will be discussed in the coming chapters) states, this compilation of thoughts onto paper must be showing up as a reflection of your very self, that is seeking expression.


Maybe this book Magically appeared in your Life one day, possibly someone recommended it to you, or perhaps some of you have been searching the highest mountains, or are swimming the deepest oceans to gracefully stumble upon it. 


Congratulations though, for showing up here today, and taking part in your Prophecy. I don't have a piñata for you to smash to celebrate this magical event, but just know you are not alone in this Will to Live. 

You arrived here here today because you became who you needed to be to Survive,

You are moving into the Version of you that needs to Thrive,


Now, it’s time to Be Truly Alive!

“ Blessed lips, 

Recite this prayer,

For the Night, and Day


May these words,

Put thy worries at Bay


Life’s a tough pill to swallow,

So Child

Please stay here, 

Be Righteous, 

Show Apollo


Ye be the answer to His prayers,


Now go fore-ward brave Troops, 

   Play fairly, be this World’s VIP Players “


Amen | Amon 



With great Wisdom comes great Responsibility; as the saying goes “Wisdom is Power”. Well, I am here to profess, and explain in the simplest of terms, that there would be no power in this World if there weren’t a driving force behind the un-manifested potential. 

Learning, and the gaining of knowledge is available to everyone, at all perceived times. The infinite number of possibilities available to the human race right now is exponential. Yet, People seem to be walking around totally convinced that the ways in which society is currently being run is normal. We are designed to think outside of the box, yet, we must also remember how fundamental the very structural nature this box provides.


In order to create this Promised Land, backed up by the Laws of this coming of Age, we must build this Sacred Script upon what is already known to be True. 


“I raise my eyes towards the stars that Will come to my rescue, nevertheless, I always guide myself with my Star, which I carry within my inner Self” 

  • said by an ancient Master with No Known Name 



Here, within the Scriptures of my Mind, I am about to commence forth in the form of Art, through the Will that I have found within my own suffering. Between the pages of this Book, I will pour out, and spill all the beans. Being one that seems too weird to live, yet too rare to die - I can proudly state that I have never always been the one who opens that can of worms, or speaks to the elephant in the room. Through expression of my Soul, into the various forms of what people conceive Art to be, I have deciphered the hidden messages of my Worlds surroundings. Opening my Heart to the energy that is all around us at every moment brought me out of the misunderstood darkness of my own inner dwelling. I did not truly stand under myself until I sought out who I really was. I found Truth in my own Lies, and made amends with my own Adversaries. 


There is no man or woman who knows everything. To desire the knowledge of the unknown requires a sacrifice between the Egoic state of our primal vessel, and the unspoken Word. This gift of receiving what it is that pushes this World into itself is the paradoxical teachings of being everything, within nothing. We must empty ourselves completely, in order to attain the blessings that are bestowed upon us. To surrender unconditionally into the binding of Oneself, with the Will of Great Aspiration - is the cure to this World's current state. 


What is written here is nowhere close to the full book of answers, but a mere scraping of the surface of what is required of us to get ourselves out of these crashing Mind Rivers. We have what seems to be twenty-four hours in a day, so let's make the most of them as a working Unit. This metaphorical cookbook of sorts, is only filled with recipes that must first be trialed, and tested. There is no way to learn from this Life if we are unWilling to make Mis-Takes.  So I am putting all my cards on the table, I'm finally sharing my creations, and authentically trying my best. Putting my best foot forward, and willing to trip over my own shoe-laces is the best I can provide at this Time.


It can be hard to hear the Truth, when the World has been led astray for so many years (Ages). This process of unlearning, in order to regain what is truly the Word of God is found within the paths of those Chosen to Receive. As the idiom of these letters be inscribed within your Inner Child’s mind, please know that we are all playing our parts as Noble as we know best. It is better to try than to have missed out on the opportunity to become a better you, and even within our own darkness we brought ourselves Here. 


So keep learning from your environments, and find within this Log, the ways of mastering the Art of “Trading Places”. The concept of what it truly means to be stationed between the eternal scales of The Student and The Teacher. The Cosmic dance of Day and Night, the Light and the Dark, the Man and the Woman.


If you are to retain anything from what I have just invoked within you, please meditate on this :


We are eternally width-held to the capacity of learning the Truth, if we are controlling the outcome of that knowing. 


Allow your imagination be the Maestro of these colourful Worldly desires, and may your Pen and Paintbrush be the wand of your present dreams.


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