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About Me

I always knew I wanted to fly away, to be free, to be unchained from the greed that rules this world at this time.
From a young age, I have had an intimate relationship with the earth and her creatures, while listening to the winds of change and hugging the wisdom trees of knowledge - I have absorbed large amounts of information that have connected many dots within our society. 

This is my story, and the fire that fuels my passions.

I have been travelling for quite some time on a Journey towards Self-Realization, Learning from Life Lessons and constantly Adapting to this Worlds rapid pace


Through Creators Will - it is my purpose to be a Guiding Light for those individuals who are striving for a Deeper Connection with their Souls Purpose, Spiritual Expansion and Evolution

It is imperative to only Teach what it is that I know, and to continue to stay Open-Minded and Grateful for all the Magic that surrounds us all in each and every Moment


As we Walk this Path Together,


into Brighter Futures - let us have Humility and Rest in the Peaceful knowing that when the Student is ready, the Teacher arrives


Let us sink into the knowing that Creator sends us Medicine through many means - which means that I will receive the Medicine of Connecting with many of your Stories, in which I will Learn from as well, in Full Circle!

Dayna is a Visionary Artist who does not limit herself to just one type of medium in her Creative Process. She calls herself The Cosmic Cardinal for many reasons, and one of them being linked to her Affinity towards Aligning the work she produces with the Stars and Planets. The pure Labor of Love this Artist puts into her Work is a reflection of her dedication to searching for her own Truth, finding who she really is, and getting to the Source of why she is Here. Not knowing much about her family history growing up, her strive as an adult has shifted towards a yearning to uncover her Ancestral Lineage. Dayna has been well aware that the European/Viking blood runs thick in her veins, but she always felt she had a deeper connection with the First Nation Tribes here on Turtle Island. The Journey she has taken to finding out she is Metis is what brought her to the realization of Oneness, and through her Art, she pours this Inner Knowing into everything she Touches. 

Having Mother Earth at the forefront of everything she does, Dayna focuses on Sustainable Practices in her studio. She has been turning the Grit of the World into Painted Pearls since she picked up the Paintbrush. Painting anything from rocks, shells, old records and even snowboards - Dayna brings Life back to things that would otherwise be left unnoticed. As one who is connected with the Healing behind the Art she creates, this process of Repurposing what would otherwise be considered “trash”, links the notion of making Friends with our Shadows. Bringing Essence back into an old beat up, cracked snowboard has brought Dayna into a State of Mind that allows Light (creation) to Emerge (be released) from her own Shadows. 

The current Paradigm we are living in has shaped Dayna into an individual who stands up for what she Believes. As a Loud and Proud Environmental Activist, she raises Awareness about Corporate Developments that are taking place on Sacred Lands. She is a member of the Last Stand West Kootenay activist group based out of Nelson BC. Many of her Works throughout the years have been more or less ‘Statement Pieces’, as she Voices her concerns around Protecting these areas and honouring First Nations Way of Life through her Art. 

This Cosmic Bird knows, through the Power of our Minds, that Learning is the True Art of Life. Dayna creates Magic through her Paintings and Prose, and offers readings through Astrology and Numerology that help guide others towards their Life’s Purpose. She utilizes her Art in the form of Subliminal Healing to help the Viewer form positive neural pathways within the Mind. Through her own personal struggles with Mental Health and being very closely connected all her Life with those who suffer with Mental Imbalances, her dedication to bringing the People out of their Minds and into their Heart space is what fuels her drive. She has been very aware for quite some time of the connection between these two spaces within our bodies, and how they shape our Inner and Outer Worlds. Dayna hopes her Work can be seen and Integrated by the Masses so we as a Collective can pick up our Pieces, Heal ourselves first, and then Heal the World once we are ALL Whole again. 

Dayna’s motto  is as follows : 

“Paint Your World Happy”

IMG_0101 (1).JPG
"my soul speaks, my brush follows"

Previous Professional Work

2018 - 2021

Medical Laboratory Technologist

- competent in performing hands on procedural work

- blood cell counts

- phlebotomy 

- bone marrow referrals

2019 - 2021

HSA Union Representative - General Site Steward

- assisted in union related disputes

- competent with proper rights of employees working within the healthcare field


Medical Office Assistant

- scheduling patients

- discussing results

- sample transport


British Columbia Institute of Technology - BCIT

Medical Laboratory Technology Diploma

Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - NAIT - Online

Medical Terminology

Anatomy and Physiology

Thompson Rivers University - Online 

Electrocardiography - HLTH 1141

Safety Pack

Transportation of Dangerous Goods


Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System

Canada's requirements for the hazard classification and communication for workplace chemicals

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