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Healing Pathways

The only way for humans to truly experience this life to the fullest, with the least amount of resistance is when all the parts of ourselves are working in harmony as a whole



When the mind and body are connected and honoured in a good way, we are able to connect with the Great Spirit and receive guidance towards our purpose of creation

The place within our bodies that creates this connection is found in our heart space, as the currents of our heartbeat is what creates the world around us

If, at some point in our lives, we were hurt and lied to, or we experienced some sort of trauma that has now showed up as a form of expression in our everyday lives... it can cause shame and melancholy

Nobody is broken, and nobody needs fixing, as it is our lesson here to love every part of our being - especially the darkness within

We are all here to be imperfectly perfect - shining our light and embracing our adversaries

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