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The Sacred
Mountain Zodiac Series

There are twelve signs in the zodiac, each one having individualistic qualities. Almost everyone knows their Sun sign, or has checked their horoscope before, but how many of us are aware of all the planetary positions that make us who we are? We are all made of a unique combination of these twelve zodiacs, so I believe that being aware of all the different varieties in ourselves is an essential tool we all could benefit from in our lives. And hey - it's a great way to get to know ourselves, too. 


The stars don't lie - so we might as well utilize this ancient wisdom and harness our unique strengths and weaknesses.

These descriptions were written by myself and reflect my own personal experiences with each zodiac, as well as knowledge obtained through a handful of Astrology books. I practice using Vedic Astrology, which is based off of Sidereal Astrology, so the dates will be different than that of Western Astrology due to the change of degree in the Earths tilt since 2000 years ago. Vedic Astrology is a more precise form of Astrology, and much more spiritually emphasized.

Each design was inspired by the heavens and earth, our Lunar Moon meeting a Mountain Horizon. Numerous religions across the world regard mountains as sacred, for many reasons - and with this series I hope to share some information about each one. With this series, I incorporated sacred mountains from around the world, assigning one for each zodiac.


Below, you will find your ruling planet, precious gemstone, element and more!

The Twelve Signs




Sacred Mountain : Mount Everest


Aries are the leaders of the pack, a zodiac sign that holds great confidence and courage. So, what better way to show leadership than by incorporating the tallest mountain in the world, a sacred mountain all others look up to. Referred to as the “Holy Mother”, many religions in the Himalayans believed that due to its grand height, Mount Everest was the fastest way to God.


《 April 13 - May 14 》


Being the first sign of the zodiac - you mark the start of the Astrological New Year. You are a leader, with a direct presence, charging through difficulties like the mighty Ram. There's no beating around the bush when it comes to this zodiac. You are courageous and upfront, which you must be careful with as this can sometimes back-fire, as being forward can sometimes be taken as offensive. Your energetic pulse is dynamic, adventurous and sometimes rather impulsive, making you fearless. Taking big risks or breaking new grounds are your favourite, but going about it in a reasonable way is always key. Your ruling planet is Mars, which helps keep your fire burning. Your precious stone of choice is bloodstone, which allows you to be open to change, while revealing new horizons that can be explored. The colour red matches your bold energy, aggression, and pure motives.


Key phrase of choice : "I AM"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Kailash


This extremely sacred mountain is what Buddhist religions refer to as an earthly manifestation of the spiritual center of the earth. Taurus is represented by the bull, in which its spirit binds especially well to the earth plane. A strong tie to the earths axis - Mount Kailash embodies four sheer faces that match the cardinal points on a compass. The act of climbing this mountain is forbidden, for fear of disrupting the sanctity and divine energies that encompass the throne of Shiva.


《 May 15 - June 14 》


You are determined, practical and have a way with figuring out the best possible action for everything. You think and organize a plan of attack, and go about it with a calm demeanor. Honesty above all else is your motto, and you value loyalty and genuine relationships to your core. Your ruling planet is Venus, which strengthens your attraction for all things pleasurable, and makes soft pinks a very harmonious shade that does wonders to help keep you calm. Your precious stone of choice is emerald, which helps bring you back to earth, and grounds your slow and steady approach to Life. 


Key phrase of choice : "I HAVE"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Kenya


Located in Kenya, this sacred place is known as the realm of Ngai, the supreme God of the local Kirinyaga people. Ngai is the creator of the universe, and was also referred to as "Mwene Nyaga" - meaning "Owner of the Dazzling Light". Just like Gemini's strong tie to all things bright and colorful, Mount Kenya is regarded as "the mountain of brightness”.


《 June 15 - July 14 》


You are curious, versatile, and make a daily game of testing your brain to the fullest. Your mind is always anticipating, waiting for new information to absorb and put to use. Just like your glyph, the twins, you are able to easily mutli-task like no other and get the job done in half the time. It’s almost as if you have a spare set of invisible hands helping you with everything you set your mind to. With Mercury being your ruling planet, your social and talkative personality is to be expected. Greens help to symbolize growth, rejuvenation and creativity, thus enhancing these strong qualities in your dual sign. Your precious stone of choice is agate, due to its ability to keep you concentrated on your many tasks at hand. 


Key phrase of choice : "I THINK"




Sacred Mountain: Machu Picchu


This sacred place is located in the Andes mountains in Peru, one of the world's most sacred mountains. It is almost completely surrounded by the Urubamba River, which reflects Cancer's element sign of water. Incas considered the world and its environment sacred, which they called "Pachamama" meaning Mother Earth. This being said - the sign of Cancer is said to be the “Mother” zodiac. The Incas built many temples and ritual sites here and believed the land and mountains cared for them, and it's people returned the gesture by respecting the land.


《 July 15 - August 14 》


You are extremely intuitive, and it's almost as if you have psychic abilities - being able to feel out any room in a millisecond. You are a nurturer by nature, and cherish your friends and family with your whole being. You steer clear of any conflict, but when riled, out come the claws. You are ruled by the Moon, which causes you to feel all vibrations lurking in the environment. To keep your sensitive and caring nature protected, the colour white helps tame your shy and introverted tendencies. Your precious stone of choice is pearl, enhancing your purity and innocence.


Key phrase of choice : "I FEEL"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Olympus 


Being the zodiac of the ego, and one that must be stroked a tad more than other signs, this extremely sacred mountain represents all that is the identity of mountains (grand and inspiring). Mount Olympus in Greece represents great power, a meeting place for the heavens and earth. Just like the Leo sign, this mountain is all about the grand scale, being the tallest mountain in Greece.


《 August 15 - September 15 》


You are generous, warmhearted and very creative when given an appropriate outlet. You may seem self-centered to others, but those who don't understand you are not aware of your wonderfully strong traits. Your love capacity and ability to always follow through are some of the best in the zodiac. Your ruling planet is the Sun, an element that is hot and firey. You tend to reside in the spotlight, and feel as if you are just as essential to Life itself, which is why the color orange suits this zodiac so perfectly. Your precious stone of choice is Ruby, which helps to ignite that fiery passion inside of you.


Key phrase of choice : "I WILL"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Fuji


This sacred place located on the island of Honshū, is a composite volcano that is continuously growing with each erruption. If you are familiar with the Virgo zodiac symbolism, you will notice a woman holding a recently harvested shaft of wheat. At the base of the summit resides the dwelling of the Shinto goddess Konohana Sakuya Hime who is a symbol of delicate earthly life. This ties in perfectly with Virgo's down-to-earth energies.


《 September 16 - October 15 》


You are an efficient working machine that lives to please others, as long as you feel appreciated in return. Your organizational and practical skills keep you on track, but be careful not to live life to perfection. This earth element sign listens and processes information at an extraordinary level. If there is a debate going on somewhere, you can be sure an intelligent and fast-witted Virgo is nearby. When others need help seeing the bigger picture to a situation, you are right there with your special way of speaking to the frequency of your peers.  Your ruling planet is Mercury, which embodies your strong communication skills. The color blue helps to keep your mind clear and word choices in sync, allowing your strong voice to be heard. Your precious stone of choice is sapphire, which helps to calm your critical and worrisome mind in times of stress.


Key phrase of choice : “I ANALYZE" 




Sacred Mountain : Mount Taranaki


A dormant stratovolcano located on the west coast of New Zealand, this wonderous sacred area ties in so well with the equality nature of the Libra sign. According to Māori indigenous culture, this mountain is an ancestor of Tribal members and is protected by law as having the same rights as humans. Based on the belief that everything in the Universe is connected and equal, this is truly amazing. This mountain represents the justice and fairness Libra strives for in Life.


《 October 16 - November 14 》


Just like your zodiac symbol, the scales - you live your Life through peace and equality. You are not afraid to stand up for what's right, or help create a voice for the underdogs of this world.  Your balancing capabilities are like no other, and you shine the brightest when you are around people who understand fairness and strong communication. Venus being your benevolent ruling planet, guides you in creating the most loving and nurturing relationships. Blue symbolizes balance and harmony in all spheres of Life, and is a great color for this airy sign. Your precious stone of choice is opal, as it shimmers and shines no matter what angle you look at it.


Key phrase of choice : "I BALANCE"




Sacred Mountain : the Badlands


This sacred place is located in South Dakota. Scorpio's are one of the most determined signs in the zodiac, and this reflects the relentless ability for this sacred area to provide shelter and spiritual endeavours to those who search for spiritual guidance. The Lakota Sioux tribes would come to this harsh terrain for vision quests, which after deep meditation they would chant their animal spirit to meet them and act as their protector for the rest of their lives here on earth. Just like Scorpio's exquisite sixth sense, the Badlands have a remarkable way of uncovering the unseen fortunes of the spiritual realms.


《 November 15 - December 14 》


You are wickedly passionate, carrying around with you a stinger that can cut through steel. Your willpower and determination makes up your very being, and is the backbone to your Life quest. The magical magnetic aura you give off is hypnotizing to those around you, making you irresistible. Those in your close circle are absolutely entwined in your ultra-sensitive, caring heart space. Your ruling planet is Pluto which embodies your deeply intuitive nature. Colours like purple, deep red or maroon symbolize a tinge of mysticism and occult in which the sign of Scorpio loves. Your precious stone of choice is topaz, which revitalizes your thirst for passion.


Key phrase of choice : "I DESIRE"




Sacred Mountain : Mauna Kea


Located in Hawaii, this volcano is sacred to Native peoples as an elder ancestor, and embodies deities from Hawaiian culture and religion. It is said to be so sacred, that the volcano itself represents the ancestral ties to Creation itself. Being the home of divine deities and the meeting place of Papa (Earth Mother), Mauna Kea is a reflection of the Sagittarius's well-known attributes of living with no limits, and exploring destination unknown.


《 December 15 - January 13 》


You are mighty, and need an outlet that lets you express your freedom, independence, and thirst for expansion. You fly high, free as a bird, always utilizing your ‘Eagle Eye’ vision. The archer in your symbolism clearly depicts your need for exploration, as you always point your arch in the direction of a grand adventure. Focus your high energy on people and activities that zero in on unlimited possibilities and future growth. Jupiter, being your ruling planet backs up your quest for knowledge and adventure. This sign has a marked affinity for the saffron color, or pale oranges and yellows that accentuates optimism, brightness and good cheer. Your precious stone of choice is turquoise, which inevitably aids in your lifelong quest for wholeness, and expansion.


Key phrase of choice : "I SEE"




Sacred Mountain : Áhkká (Queen of Lapland)


This huge massif located in Sweden has an extraordinary size, constituting 12 individual peaks and 10 glaciers. Áhkká holds high status and prestige within the Sámi indigenous culture, just like Capricorn's desire for high reputation and position. The uniqueness of this areas long history of reindeer herding as a form of livelihood, closely ties with Capricorn's symbol, the Mountain Goat. Strong-will and determination, this signs strongest traits - is what will preserve this ancient tradition and help keep the Sámi cutlure preserved for generations to come.


《 January 14 - February 11 》


You are ambitious, yet weary to make decisions without fully organizing and planning out the outcome. When it comes to formulating an idea, and putting it into action, you shine the brightest out of all the zodiacs. “Slow and steady wins the race" is a quote that relates perfectly to this sign, because it embodies your practical approach to life and your inevitable climb to the top of every mountain. Saturn being your ruling planet, adds to the slow and steady approach to each conquest you encounter, as Saturn teaches us many lessons along our life’s journey. Indigo, and shades of purple appeal to your senses, reminding you of the power of alchemy. Your precious stone of choice is garnet, which heightens your ability to know clearly what steps to take in whatever direction you set your mind to.


Key phrase of choice : "I USE"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Ararat


The story behind this composite snow-capped volcano located in Turkey, is as altruistic as it gets. Humanitarianism, Aquarius's most well-known trait, ties in perfectly to this sacred area as it is said to be the mythical landing spot of Noah's Ark as mentioned in the Book of Genesis. This holy mountain, or stratovolcano, was the first peak poking above the Great Flood waters.


《 February 12 - March 12 》


You are the unconventional rebel of the zodiac, making you a wizard at thinking outside of the box. Your humanitarian ways stem from deep down in your soul and are the stepping stones to everything you do in Life. The perfect recipe for an inventive mind, you are the intellectual leader in whatever you set your mind to. Your ruling planet Uranus gives you the edge of "knowing" and having a clear vision of what's ahead. Violets and other psychedelic colours speak to you and your outlandish personality. Your precious stone of choice is Amethyst, which heightens your strive for peace and equality, as well as keeps you at ease with the ever-changing world.


Key phrase of choice : "I KNOW"




Sacred Mountain : Mount Shasta


This extinct double peaked volcano is located in the Cascade Range of Northern California. Mount Shasta received its name from the indigenous tribes of the Sastise (Shastan) Indians, who have used this place for the training of medicine men and women, spiritual quests and healing guidance. Similarly to the psychic abilities of the sign of Pisces, psychic messages have been received at this sacred space, calling it a place of powerful earth energies.


《 March 13 - April 12 》


You are what some Astrologers believe to be the sum of all parts. Being the last sign of the zodiac, you seem to embody all twelve signs to some degree. You are extremely compassionate which makes it hard for you to say "NO", and very concerned about always doing the right thing. This is an admirable trait, but be very careful of those who realize this and take advantage of you. Neptune being your ruling planet, aids your creativity and psychic visions - giving you the edge of knowing the unknown. Pale pastels, especially lavender or yellow help you express your insights to the fullest. Your precious stone of choice is Aquamarine, which matches your watery traits. 


Key phrase of choice : “I BELIEVE"

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