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The Story of Ascension

" Hello, it's me, the fifth element of Aether

I've arrived here as the Ultimate Teacher

To share all these Collective struggles

With little rebuttal "


" Take a trip down this, the Rainbow Rabbit Road, finding yourself entrapped in a hole so deep, you wonder where it will end. Down here, or should I say 'up' here, we experience a sense of constant wonder and see the light in life's opportunities. Our shadows show us the way forward, which in reality, stems from within. Yes, we have come face to face with our fears and are now in a better place to truly comprehend our true purpose here on Earth. In order to do this we must all surrender what we think we all 'know' in this present moment. Truth is not given, it is earned. "


" In whatever form this teaching must be delivered, please do not fret that you are not 'smart' enough to absorb, process, and integrate the information. The beauty in learning is that it is an Art, and you are in control of how you receive your wisdom. You are the drum to the beat, the creator of your purpose. Embrace what is being told, and have faith in the story that is burning inside, waiting to be shared with the World. You are the beacon of Hope in which you seek so frivolously. In those that do not see our gift, we can find what the true meaning of the unknown. "

" Children of the Earth, we have been blind to the truth for so many ages. We have become brainwashed say you ; manipulated, by our own minds and have forgotten how to live with our first Mother, our own Being, and with One another. When we take from the Earth, we must give something back or acknowledge the gift of Her creation with whole-hearted intention. The de-valuing and over-bearing nature of the masculine form has shifted our conscious view of what honourable femininity really is. The feminine power is the battery that must always be charged in this life, it is the untapped creative energy within each and everyone of us. This force comes from the spiritual realm, and the reflection of this matrix is seen in the physical world around us. The Woman, the Child-Bearer, the Life-Giver. "

Waves of the Woman

Women all over the world have been feeling like they are a burden, told we must act a certain way and stay quiet. Clean up the messes, take care of the children and cook the meals. This is the innate feminine yearning, and it is a natural and traditional way that most humans have gravitated towards. Though, we must learn and take into account the powerful forces of the Cosmos and the affects of these 'Cycle of the Ages' has on our behaviours and psychological patterns. We have created a mind river within these big beautiful brains of ours, that seems to flow towards a linear belief that there are only rigid roles within society. Cosmic Law rules over everything we believe, so in order to even fully grasp this level of awareness, we must then be nothing and everything all at once.

Paradoxical, isn't it? The very word paradox claims the answer within its own composition.

Paradox ~ noun ~ scribes the proposition that when something is investigated or explained, it may prove to be well founded or true.

What Does This Mean?

" The concept that we are either man or woman has created a parasite within our own minds and has seeped into our very understanding of the Universe. With the added mix of this spinning planet headed towards the real Age of Aquarius (begins in 2039), we are seeing an extremity in the ways these energies are being reflected back to the Creator itself. Within our Collective silence of this inner and outer war of the man and woman, we find that our need our answers. For Love, is the only thing that can keep our Soul here in the now, the raw essence of why we are here at this Time. When we see with our hearts and feel with our eyes, we experience Time as the self-created illusion and our answer to all our mind-numbing questions for search of Unconditional Love. "

" Mind Bend River "

created by The Cosmic Cardinal

So - What's Next?

" We have just explored the mere basics and yet the smallest decree of the woman, the feminine, the place that everything and anything begins. If you care to hear more of this story, and follow along with the chapters as they make themselves known, I invite you to be in the now. Please, stay in touch with what it is that touches your heart, and brings those passions to the surface. If reading these words brings forth a sense of awe, crystallizing the inner knowing you had all along... this is your Call-To-Action. "

So the Goddess called up to Her God, the Moon said to the Sun, as the shadow emerged into its own rainbow of darkness.
You're the light in my life and you shine so mighty bright, oh my, oh deer, you are the only brave heart that's truly, willing, to harness.

I hope you have enjoyed this short entry,

because my favourite way to share is through poetry,

I find it easier to convey, this picture,

the freezing blaze of my minds scripture

this story of ascension,

into our own higher dimension

must start with the grit of the matter,

so we may completely shatter

the idea that love has a price

⋆⁺₊⋆ ☼⋆⁺₊⋆ Amen, Amon ⋆⁺₊⋆ ☾⋆⁺₊⋆


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