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Black Mirror

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Inscribed by : Dayna Larson

The Cosmic Cardinal

a poem Inspired by our Shadows, and the Urge to Break from our Grips of tangible Control

break away,

yes - Today

true Self,

is lacking Health

if you Dare,

please take Care

of that Fragile Soul,

whose taken a Toll

let them squawk,

you Know how to Walk your Talk





black Mirrors scattered across "Time" and Space,

bringing forth our Shadows to Face

our Reflections carry our Sacred lessons,

have us Feeling all sorts of Sensations

to be Blind to the Truth,

is like tying your own Noose

we must Be The Moose!

a Thorn-Bush with no Roses,

The Bible with no Moses

open your Eyes to this True Reality,

before your Karmic Nodes cause Fatality

Cosmic Law will put those in Jail,

who Choose to Provoke, Rather than Prevail


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