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Child's Play



The answer to our Heart's desire is within the tender loving view of seeing your shadows as your deepest inner child. When we are mere babes, it is our Mother's natural inclination to bring Her child together with other babes in order to learn Healthy Interaction and Communion. We are all Energy - and how we vibrate our own essence brings us closer to what we truly are. Answers will always need to be revealed, so we must always be open to the classroom setting.

Creator must collaborate with itself in Order to Learn from itself. So, the Purpose of Creation and this whole mess was all apart of the Grandest Play of All Time. The most beautifully acted theatrical show of the coming of Ages. Play on its own has its own play on the word itself, meaning ; "to amuse oneself", "to entertain oneself", "to divert oneself", "to participate in oneself".

The Oneness of everything connects us to the Source of all these mysteries. To frolic and play, and stay as children with minds as open as the "eye" can see. We must keep this Eye open, and refrain from strict actions, as it only creates space for Control, and traps of Fear. It is imperative that we feel safe in our Spaces, or we will hinder our chance of Creating from the Heart. For we must now, not be tomorrow, - realize with our Real Eye, that this World is not a stage for competition. Humanity has come to dwell in our sore woolly minds that the more we have, the happier we will be.

The Greed that stayed embedded in our DNA has manifested a 9x fold ripple affect in these Cosmos. Once this, and a few other damaging shadows are transcended, our Free Will's clarity of Mind will return and we can move forward as One into a Brighter Future.

All we need is More Colour!

This Shift in Energy is necessary for Life to keep moving, for our sharing to keep spiralling, and our energy to keep golden ratio'ing'.

When we keep ourselves as young as a Child, we can Truly open up to the Teachings of the Sacred Dawn.

We were never meant to grow up!

Only O U T!

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