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Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Inscribed by : Dayna Larson

The Cosmic Cardinal

an Ode to the Feminine from the Masculine :


I seen my fair Lady Rise,

looked Deep in those Eyes,

I Promise, I Heard the Cries

I skipped the glassed Martini,

opted that drink for some Kundalini

did you know you look best a blank slate?

this way, Truth never arrives too Late

as I watched by Fair Lady rise,

I closed these Loose Ties,

said my Good-byes

cause' this Ego has Taken,

it's gut wretchedly Shaken

as I walk with these Holy of Bones,

I Witnessed this Heart to Stone

so, I Held my Fair Lady in the Sky,

I Changed my Ways, I died

just to have Her by my Side

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