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2023 - Fall Equinox Collective Reading

It's time for Radical Change, Folks.


Today's Vibration : (3)

On this beautiful Autumn morning in September, I decided to pull a few cards and Channel a Collective Message for anyone searching for some Light :

~ I like being a student, and I do so Consciously ~

~ All of the thing I do and don't do contribute to the development of truth, love and wisdom ~

Interpretation :

" The ways in which our Language has been Man-ipulated by a small % of the Worlds population over the Ages has resulted in Subliminal programming, that Targets our Minds and Thought Patterns. (Remember - our Mind is the ONLY thing we Humans have Control over in this World) This Subliminal warfare is now affecting Innocent People at a Mass Level due to the Control of "Main-Stream Media" and so-called "Common Knowledge". The study of Esoteric Law, and Philosophical Teachings should be discussed in all Public School Systems, yet we see in today's Society the Ostracized Child sent to the back of the class for asking questions that are "outside the box". The Child who is Intrinsically in-tune with the environments around them is thus filled with Ritalin and other drugs before they are seen as Extremely GIFTED. It is quite Clear, that the Education of our Children is, and should have been from the start, our own Individual Responsibility. The way Society is currently Built upon is slowly destroying the Sanctity of the next 7 Generations. We must bring Balance to the Teaching Modalities we surround our Children with, and quite frankly - it starts with the Parents. It is not supposed to be a Shot to the Ego when we Hear that we need to Learn a few things about this Life before we Teach our Children... it is merely a Wake up Call to those who are Seeing how Desperately we need CHANGE. Again - it starts with Ourselves."

"Language is how Humans created verbal communication once our Consciousness Fell. Humans are very capable of communicating through something called Empathy, which means we are able to send and receive Energy to anyone we are Consciously thinking about. We are literally designed to converse with Others through our Thoughts. It is only possibly though, if we Believe it to be True. Why did Humanity fall in Consciousness? Very simply put, we Lost our Way, due to the Connection we severed at a Collective level with the Great Spirit. This happened because Humans took on the Belief that they needed External Validation in order to Find the Truth. The Ego took over through a big/little thing called Greed (money) and the Body took command over both the Navigation System AND the working Vehicle. The Ego is solely responsible for maintaining this Vessel we call a "Body", making sure we Eat, Drink, and don't go jumping off Cliffs without the proper Sky-dive equipment. The Soul is responsible for navigating us through Life, and we somehow, someway... Forgot about this Vital Contract we all have to Abide by in this Life as Conscious Beings here on Planet Earth. "

" The ways in which we Choose to Learn must come from a Place of Trust within Ourselves, and this can only be Attained through following our own Moral Compass. If it FEELS right in your HEART, you Know it's your Truth. If you FEEL a tightness in your Chest when you Hear or Read something, you Know right then and there that does not Align and it must be something to Question. We are curious Creatures, and we MUST nurture this Quality, especially when it comes to our own Interpretations of the World, and the Inquisitive Minds of our Children. "

~ I thankfully and attentively express my fatherliness ~

Interpretation :

"There is a high demand at this current time for Truthful Knowledge, especially when it comes to understanding the motives behind the Sacred Masculine. We are seeing at a Collective level the destructive forces behind an unbalanced Ego, and the consequences of allowing this Powerful Force to intertwine with Nature. The Sacred Masculine must be acknowledged and embraced with Tender Loving Care - as the physical Men of this World are designed to bring Stability into the Lives of all they encounter, while the Spiritual Man within all of us is designed to bring forth tangible Life through the unManifested Energies that surrounds us All."

How can we manage the Mass Subliminal Programming?

"Humans are HERE to Learn how to Manipulate Energy, so we must dissect the very Word itself because most Adults I speak to have a very negative perspective on the word "Manipulate".

Let me break this down!

If we break the word down like this :

Man - ipulate --》we can clearly see the focus on the word Man, which in its Unbalanced Form results in Ego Driven Action, causing its meaning to take on a Controlling Force

If we break the word down like this :

Manipul - ate --》 we can start to See that the word itself is a MANUAL and can be utilized to broaden our awareness, and be used as yet another Powerful Tool at our disposal"

Closing Message :

Words ARE Magic - Words ARE Spells - Words ARE Tools


much love,

your Ascension Advocate


Collective Ego "Dealth"

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