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Magical Mystery Ladder

Updated: Sep 16

Inscribed by : Dayna Larson

The Cosmic Cardinal

A hymn from our X's and Y's : ( our D N A )

a part of me Died, I had to Cope,

had to Climb up, without a Rope

had to Face the Facts,

for XY have been caught in the Act

the Bandits took off,

mixed their Magickal Troughs

X woes : " we could be Bonny and Clyde, "

Y replies : " maybe we'll just Run away, take a seat in my Ride "

the strands made a Promise,

to forever Learn from their Darkness

to use these Tools they've been Given,

show themselves love First, then start livin'

they formed the brightest colours in the Sky,

brought forth, derived from Her X and His Y

contract was Inscribed, albeit Heavenly Created,

under Natural, Cosmic Law, un-sedated

at once, the Deed was Done,

they Ran their last Homerun

to Live in our Hearts with no sorrow,

let us never Draw near of Tomorrow

may we Speak the Frequency,

eyes Wide shut. as Far as see Pineal can See

to the Sound of parting Oceans,

they sipped their wine : Love Potions

the Web of Wyrd have cast these Runes,

never late, we Played the Prophecy Attuned

X and Y knew the Inevitable,

so, they sealed it with a Kiss,

to make this World forever Lovable


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