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The Art of Law



Do you Believe it is Time for us to Re-Write our Soul Contracts?

It is Imperative that we follow the Laws of Nature - and that it be made Accessible, and Knowledge of its Truth be Taught and Passed down by those who Demonstrate the Ability to Listen, and Fully Understand all its Complexities and Dualities.

Here today in this Entry, I would like to widen all the Angles, by dipping into the Holy Bible, the Vedas, Qu'ran, and many other Sacred Texts that link the chains of True Law.

For all of you reading this who are not fond of the Bible, I Hear YOU. I hadn't picked up one of those things until the beginning of this Year. Yep - 2023, January sometime Matter of Fact.

This World Year in Numerology ~2023~ vibrates to the number
7 - the Sacred Number of Truth.

I guess, I just needed to Open my Mind to something I was so Against for so long.

It took merely Surrendering to the Realization that I do not Know everything,

and in Order to Receive what is Mine, I had to Let go of my Mind.

Listening to the Beat of my Heart, and Tuning into the Vibration

that emits from my Chest when I read certain Articles or Words.

THIS - is the Art of Law.

The Law of our Souls BluePrint.

There is no Justification for the Following of a Path that does not Align with your Purpose.

So, as the Rules State : we Must take this Matter into our Own Hands.

Through Faith, that we ALL Have a Soul Contract to Abide By.

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