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The Day I Went "Spiritual"

Entry #1


Day's Vibration (3)

To begin this compilation of personal journal entries, I will begin with an entry from last year. I had set out to conduct my own experiment, to see what would happen if I push that red button on my life, you know, the one we were raised never to touch. I saw that big thing and said “what is there to lose, in a world where I’ve lost everything but my sanity”.

My life was in complete shambles, and I had been suffering the deepest, darkest depression of my measly 25 years of age. I will get more into that chapter another time, but just keep in mind the context of this journal entry. This day, on April 11th, was a day of excitement, as I had been day-dreaming of the upcoming opportunity to work the summer season at The Lodge at Bow Lake, in the Banff National Park. Amidst the inner swirling of chaos that was going on in and around my life, this entry was definitely written on one of my "good days" at the time.

The following written word is the materialization of this spiritual journey I set sail on years ago, but found myself lost on the path until the year 2022. The year the Earth vibrated the frequency of loving harmony, the sacred number 6. This entry has been minimally edited from the original version, only to improve my grammar, with the hopes that this story I am about to unfold will be received with the most genuine of authenticity.

For years, I have been asked by my Elders, family and friends to start writing. I never took this seriously, and the thought of writing scared the living crap out of me, because it seemed impossible to even get my thoughts straight in my head... let alone put them down on paper. I had no idea where to start if I were to even be a writer, blog poster, word generator, what have you. So this here that I am sharing, is the day I went "spiritual" merely because it was the day I took my life seriously. I looked at what was going on in my life, and decided I wanted to change for the better. So that red button turned out to be the plunge into the written word, the raw power of the scripture of my mind. I started to materialize my thoughts, and magic soon proceeded in my Life.

Now, without further delay - let this canvas of a book be primed with the initiation of a Lifetime

" Honestly, I am starting this whole writing thing as a test to see if I can follow through with my projects. I have a mind that races, never not thinking about more than three things at once. Is this just the way my brain works? I can’t be the only one? Why do I operate in this way, and what is the root of it all? I have been searching my whole life for a larger, more expanded view on life, and the thing that linked the dots in my head was the acceptance of an interconnected perspective of the world around me. The time in which I started “going spiritual” was probably the most transformational period of my entire life.

It was a never ending journey to embark on, as the start of this quest for a deeper meaning of life resulted in a desire for the taste of everything and nothing. I started to appreciate those people in my life that taught the hard lessons. I really got to the bottom of my anxieties, my fears, and those toxic negative cycles I had always wanted to break.

It was written in the stars that I would start to use my emotions as my moral compass, and the more and more I tuned into my intuition, life really began. The thought of everything needing to be a tangible ‘thing’ is what dissolved my ego, and by merely letting go of these accumulative desires I started shedding those layers that no longer served my higher purpose. I had to stay grounded on this earth plane (in this body), while keeping my dreams and ambitions alive in the heavens (in my mind). Once I began to surrender to the unknown forces of the Universe, life really opened up and I received my song. The tune of my essence, the sound of this Sol’s existence.

I never thought I would start writing, but I can see how by the words that are flowing so naturally to me now, will bring hope to many peoples eyes, a written portal towards truth. I do not know everything, but the way in which I plan to write this story is with first hand experience.

I plan on using real examples from my own suffering to show how the act of surrendering to something so profound…
IS. "

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