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The Mind-less Left-Winged World

Inscribed by : Dayna Larson

The Cosmic Cardinal

Today's World is a profoundly Absurd Place - where the Righteous Ones are deemed to be the Black Sheeps of their families, and those who continue along the path of Destruction are put on pedestals. The concept that the Western World is corrupt must be addressed to the fullest extent if we are to move forward into a harmonious future.

It is quite Silly, in my Eyes, for Humans to say that something is Corrupt without fully comprehending what the word itself truly means. Applying the entire premise of a word to something so vast is like stating Art is merely something "pretty" to look at. Corruption tends to side of the meanings of acting and behaving immorally, or to be dishonest. Humans were designed to fall off our rocker, because we all came here to Learn Lessons and build upon the Teachings of whats Tried and True. We are Here to Guard our Minds from corruption caused by Inequality, and are being asked to Honour our Traditions and bring back Balance into our Changing Environments.

The Western World prides itself on Building things up, and maintaining progress within Society. This is the exact Purpose of our Left-Side Brain, and what we are seeing in our Culture today is an over-bearing Masculine force that Believes it has the Responsibility to take on the entire World on its Own. I carry so much Love for the Men in my Life, who have been trying so hard to put the Whole World on their shoulders. This Mentality is not Fair, and contradicts the Ways in which our Civilization must base its actions from. To run a successful Society we require Logic and Critical thinking, but it must be paired with Intuition and comprehension of the Unseen World our Reality is inter-twined within.

The Eastern World brings forth the fundamental Teachings of Surrendering to the Void of Nothingness, and Releasing attachments to the Material World in order to find Balance. We are all born with a Moral Obligation to Honour our Spirituality, and to bring forth Wisdom from this Realm of Reality. With a total neglect in our Culture throughout the Ages to the Wisdom of the Feminine, we have created a World driven solely by the Egos of those who Believe they are in Control. Being a Woman, and experiencing the Monstrosity of Oppression targeted towards the Feminine, I have become witness (as many of you reading this also are aware) to the sad Reality of how our Right-Side Brain ways of thinking have been manipulated into labels such as : "over-sensitivity", or being "too much".

Let us break down the Word corruption, by bringing us back to our roots, paying Mind to one of the Oldest Languages that has been accepted as "main-stream" and spread far and wide across the World - Latin. The Latin word 'Corruptus' means to be perverted, spoiled, seduced and represents the Feminine and the Masculine in all its Forms.

It seems the Masculine World has been the Ruling Force of Civilization since the Dawn of Time, where Kings Ruled the World and their Queen was the Faithful Companion who was there to share the spotlight and support the Monarchy with Her Wisdom of the Unseen World. Somewhere down the line though, we fell out of this way of Operating and began to shut out the Feminine. To be a King or Queen, Morals must be high, and there must be Balance in ALL actions and decisions. In today's Culture, we elect these "Officials" who Act as these so-called "Royals". These Governing Bodies Control the way Society runs and operates based on Political and Democratic standpoints, with no consideration for the Truth that is within the Elected Ruler Themselves.

Humanity has fallen into this system because we Fell Consciousness. When a Civilization requires External Influences and a "voting" system in order to come to agreements on what is Right vs Wrong, we can clearly see there is something missing within the Minds of those in Control. To be Honest, we should not even require any One to be in Control in the first place, if we have found within our own Selves the Truth that we all Carry at a Soul Level. If we never fell in Consciousness, we would be Self-Governing and Living Sustainably because we wouldn't ever need to question our motives or actions. Everything would fall in line with the Law of One, Natural Order and Universal Awareness. The way in which we Vote in todays Society is a result of an Unhealthy tilt towards the Left-Side hemisphere of the working Mind. We must realize this in its Fullest Capacity, to truly Comprehend that if we allow this type of thinking to Run the World, we Ourselves, will be the very reason our Civilization crumbles to the ground.

These Lessons that are being Revealed at this Time are Stark, and we must Integrate the Knowledge we are Gaining about our Dual Nature into everything we Create in moving Forward. There is no West without the mirroring East, and no North without its opposing South. Everything is Life comes down to Balance, and Justice must be Served in order for us to Accept our Faults and Grow Together as a Collective. The Four Cardinal directions Guide ur through Life with help from the Stars above, and we cannot take this Fact for Granted any longer.

Our Governing Bodies are Desperately seeking Balance, and they are Lost because of the Patriarchal System we have Built our entire Civilizations upon. There has been a total lack of Respect for the Navigators we are supposed to be Guided by - the Life-Givers. This World is meant to be Run and Operated with both sides of Polarity working in Unison, because we cannot have the Light without the Dark. We cannot Create Flourishing and Abundant communities without the Right-Minded Woman's touch. We need Her to Guide us through the Darkness, and the Challenges that we will always inevitably face as a Conscious Species. Consciousness is Invisible, and without a firm grasp on what this Word truly means, we cannot Correctly Govern ourselves without these Teachings that are comprehended so Beautifully by the Feminine. It is easy to See during the Day, but when it comes to Night Vision, and sorting out the conflicts of the Unseen World, we must obey those who are Naturally and Innately Primed to Lead the Way.

It is Time to Restore Balance to the World we are trying so Desperately to Operate within. It's Time to give the Matriarchy it's well-deserved Authoritative position within Society. The Western World is Corrupted and Perverted only in the Sense that it's Rulers were Unaware, and frankly Blind to the Truth of what Life is all about and why we are HERE. The West is not necessarily Dishonest, but is merely Falsely Understood.

The Masculine alone cannot operate without its Counterpart, as the Feminine is what brings us to our Correct Destination - Always. To Run the World without our Women is like a car with no steering wheel. We can Clearly See in Today's World that this is unfortunately the Reality our Governing Bodies have accepted to be the Truth. Driving around with no Direction, causing Destruction in our own Path. We cannot Drive (Ego - Masculine) a car towards our Correct Destination if we do not have a way of Navigating (Soul - Feminine) the way Forward. When we Live in a way that neglects the Collective Navigation System, we get Nowhere Fast. I mean, look at the History of the World within even just the last 500 years. We Created a Mess within a very short Time-Frame, and if we are still unable to See the Faults in our Ways of Thinking, we must Step Aside and let those who Embody the Truth be the Ones to Move the World Forward into a Proper State of Mind.

To be Blind is but a mis-use of our own Energy, and we are always able to Redeem ourselves if we come to a Realization of the Truth. Salvation comes at a Time of Desperation, and this World has never been so "Hopeless" and Distressed to find Solutions. The Cure to all of this Anguish is so much Simpler than our Governing Bodies are portraying the Situation out to be. In Reality, we must Return to the Great Spirit of Life and bring Balance to the Material World. This can only be done if we dissolve our Egos into a State of Symbiosis with the Soul. Our Egos are Here to keep our Bodies here in the Physical World, as the Drive for Survival is what brought us to this Place in Society. Our Primal Nature of Desire is now being surpassed by our yearn for Purification through Spirituality. We must Create a Balance between the Soul and the Ego and allow the Driver to be the container for the Navigator to fill with Truthful knowledge.

What will bring Justice to this Chaotic World is the process of Transcending our Shadows of Greed into Acts of Sacrifice, and Seeing the Forest for the Trees. Just because something so Profound is only found within the Unseen World, does not mean this Energy won't Manifest into the Tangible Reality we Live in Today. We can Clearly See the Destruction that this Left-Brain Way of Thinking has shaped our Environments, as we continue to Destroy everything we touch. Mother Earth Cries for Help, and has been trying to get our Attention through Waking us up from this Deep Slumber, in order to bring us into Realization of the Mind Manipulation we all have been Subject to for Millenia.

With the Rising of the Schumann Resonance being emitted from the Earth's Core, causing us to Shift our Consciousness into a Lighter, more Loving 5th Dimension, we are being asked to Listen and Learn. We are Children of the Earth and when Mama puts us all in Time-Out, she lays her foot down and we are sent to the corner to contemplate our Actions. We can either Pout or Examine what it is she is trying to Teach us.

I am not writing this to Point fingers at "The Man", because I pray every day that the Masculine Energies in this World receive their Honour for trying to Preserve what it is the Male Embodies. The Patriarchy has been Over-Beared with a False notion of Responsibility that is it not fully equipped to handle on its own. I feel so much Empathy for the Men of this World who are only trying their Best to Fill the Shoes they are Told to Walk in. The Men of the World today are trying to Carry the Entire World on their Shoulders, and that alone is a Recipe for Disaster! We all require support, and even if this World seems to be Falling Apart due to this Patriarchy of a System we Operate within, I feel it is so Important to pay Respect to the Fact these Lessons are for every single one of us to Integrate, regardless of your Physical Gender. We are Dual Beings, which means we carry all the Masculine and Feminine attributes within our Mind, Body and Soul.

Our Earth Mother does not condone to the ways in which her Children have been Playing on the Jungle Gym. My Goal for writing these Words is to share Insights from the Realm of the Collective Soul, which includes Gaia, the Land beneath our Feet, and the Physical Bodies we all Live within. These Words are meant to bring awareness to the Delicate Nature of the Reality we Live in. We are Seeing the Enraged Feminine bursting at the Brim to be Acknowledged and Listened to, with am opposing Masculine Force that doesn't seem to want to Relinquish Control.

Let us all Open our Minds to the Highest Degree here, and make the Changes in Our Own Lives, to Find the Balance within, and to Embody ALL of our Individual PARTS, so we may become WHOLE again.

It is Time for this Ship to Regain Control of its Righteous Direction, through Cooperation on all Levels.

May your Inner Man and Woman find Holy Matrimony, and May we ALL finally Start to Create the World that Truly builds upon Equality of our Encompassing, Nature of Duality.

Amen | Amon

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