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Bear'er of Life

Bear'er of Life


Powerfully Symbolic Piece of Line Art that Pays Homage to Mother Earth

This is the very first Line Art that Dayna Created using this Style of Work, and she captured the Essence of the Springtime Renewal and the Importance of Respecting and Nurturing our Planet


The Majestic Bear, emerging from Hibernation, Serves as a Reminder of the Transformative Power of Nature


This Striking Line Art Captures the Essence of Femininity and it's Connection with Nature


It also Serves as a Reminder of the Oppression and Disconnect that Women have Faced throughout History


As a Symbol of Strength and Perserverence, the Bear Represents the Power of the Feminine and its Ability to Nurture and bring Forth New Life


Show off this piece in your Home or Office as a Daily Reminder to Honor and Celebrate the Innate Power of the Feminine


Let the Bear'er of Life be a Beacon of Hope and Inspiration as you Navigate the Complexities of Modern Life!


The Bear represents the Ultimate Guardian, Protector of the Wild and Free, and the Gatekeeper to this Utopia we call Home 

Mama Bear speaks :

"when You take care of the Land,
the Land takes Care of You"





With Love and Grace,



The Cosmic Cardinal

Dayna Larson





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