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Celestial Guardian

Celestial Guardian


A Powerful and Inspiring Line Art Piece that Embodies the Wisdom of the Universe


Featuring Father Sky, this Artwork Reminds us to Look Within for Answers and to Seek out the Lessons that Life has to Offer


With the Great Wolf as a Guide, this piece Encourages us to Explore the Mysteries of the Stars and to Seek out the Wisdom of our Forefathers


Hang the Celestial Guardian in your Home or Office to Bring a Sense of Peace and Cosmic Inspiration to your Daily Life!


The Wolf Represents the Guardian of the Pack, the Full Embodiment of Duality and the Constant Search for Inner Balance


Papa Wolf speaks :

"as above, so below"


"as within, so without"




► Yin and Yang Principles

► Kootenay Wildflowers

► Moon, Sun + Comsic Elements

► Tribal / Geometric Style Line Work

Products Ordered on Weekly Basis
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