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Mind Bend River - Cardstock Print

Mind Bend River - Cardstock Print


"Mind Bend River"-


an Abstract Surrealism painting that Captures the Vibrant and Colorful vibes of the Slocan Valley


featuring Frog Mountain as viewed from the Vallican, also known as "Sugarloaf" or "Mt. Wilton"


this wall print Reflects the colorful Spirits of the People of this Valley, and Metaphorically, the Collective Consciousness


this Piece Encourages viewers to get Out of the Mind River and Wake up out of the Illusion of Reality


the Spirit of the Frog, which represents Sacrifice and Greed, are also Represented in this beautiful piece of Artwork


read about the Story of Frog Mountain here :


created on high-quality cardstock paper, this Print is sure to Brighten up any room with its Vivid and stunning imagery of subliminal messages

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