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Mountainous Metamorphosis

Mountainous Metamorphosis


This piece is transformational - The catepillar changing into a butterfly to climbing to the top of Mount Everest


Take Action in Alignment with Your Powerful Thoughts


Believe in the Magic that's Within, and Evolve into the Beautiful Butterly of a Soul that YOU ARE!


As You become more Comfortable in your New Skin, and Higher Purpose, there will be a Time when You must Transform


Your Cocoon is getting Tight, and I Believe this is YOUR Time to Shine and Expand those Wings of Purity


This is the Initiation into a New Paradigm Built for Your Highest GOOD


Now Go, Blossom into the Butterfly, and Rise to the Top of Your Mount Everest of Magnificence


Welcome to the 5th Dimension! 


Inspired by :

► Sun + Moon Elements

► Butterflies

► Mount Everest

► Transformational Experiences



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