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N'ha-a-itk "Spirit of the Lake" - Vinyl Sticker

N'ha-a-itk "Spirit of the Lake" - Vinyl Sticker


Syilx or “the Okanagan people”, are the First Nations whose territory spans across Canada and US boundary


They called the Ogopogo “N'ha-a-itk” meaning a few things : such as "water god", or "sacred creature of the water"


Rattlesnake Island (located just off Squally Point, across from Peachland) is said to be the home of this mysterious creature, residing in an underwater cave just below the island


The Ogopogo is pretty much a tourist attraction at this point, as there is a silly green serpent statue right downtown Kelowna, where you can buy t-shirts and other gifts... generating money for the city. This situation is unfortunate as this whole Ogopogo story has now become a form of appropriation towards the Syilx People and their culture/knowledge. It is pretty much a big miscommunication about what this "Lake Monster" really was... but I find the story told by the Syilx People themselves to be so fascinating 💫

Here is something I found while reading up on the topic :

“It was a misunderstanding that became a misappropriation. What was once a benevolent water spirit became this virgin-devouring sea demon because when settlers came and they saw what they saw (and) they got spooked,”




… do you believe in the “Spirit of the Lake” ?

~ 5x5 inch Vinyl Sticker

~ Extremely durable

~ Waterproof / Weatherproof

~ Made to last on surfaces up to 5+ years

* do not stick to car paint *

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