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Sky Dance

Sky Dance


Introducing "Sky Dance", a Stunning Oil Piece Inspired by the breathtaking Beauty of Bow Lake in Banff National Park, Alberta


This Piece captures the Reflection of Crowfoot Mountain, Crowfoot Glacier, Bow Peak and Bow Glacier on the still Waters of the lake, as photographed by Dallas Rehill


With its Vibrant Sunset and Intricate Details in the Waters Reflection, "Sky Dance" is the Perfect addition to any Home or Office Space


The Story:


This was Created Three+ years prior to the Artist's visit to the location it Portrays. Dayna has never been to Bow Lake before, nor did she Know it Existed. This Piece served as a reminder for Dayna that our Imagination and Passion can Pave the way to a Bright Future. Painted in 2019, she found herself working at a Lodge in 2022 with this Exact View as the view from the Artist's Kitchen window. This Artwork is a Testament of Faith, to the Power of Surrendering to our own Art and its Ability to Inspire and Uplift!


Further Inspired by the Headwaters of the Wapta Icefield, this Massive Field of Ice is the source of water for the Bow River, which flows through the Canadian Rockies


Crowfoot Glacier Here, also Serves as a Reminder of the Impact of Climate Change on our Environment


"Sky Dance" Encourages us to Appreciate the Beauty of Nature and to take Responsibility for Preserving it for Future Generations


" It's Time to Reshape the Way in which we Wiew the World around us. Spirit of Place Connects us with all Life, and we are being Asked by these Glacier Crevasses, Mountainous Crags and Sheer Faces to Honour the Land beneath our Feet. The teachings of these Mountains bring us Patience and Create a Sense of Constant Wonder. Be Confident that the Places you are Drawn to bring Wholeness and Alignment. Be Gentle with the Earth, and Dance with the Winds of Change! "


The Cosmic Cardinal

~ Dayna Larson



With Gratitude,


Dallas Rehill Contact :

Cranbrook, British Columbia

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