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Soul Ridge

Soul Ridge


The Creations we Bring to Life Show us Parts of Ourselves we are Repressing


If You can Pick up on the Message of what I Created Here, I am Grateful for your Compassion towards its Meaning


My Willingness to Share these Creations puts My Self in a Position of Vulnerability, which has Taught me Everything I Know


Opening Up our Soul Talk Allows us to Share what Brings us out of Alignment, and allows us to Connect and find Clarity Within


Crying with Sadness does NOT make you weak, it Shows your Soul you Care


Release what is No Longer Serving your Higher Purpose, and Express with the Waterfall that Lives in your Soul


Raise Your Head to the Moon and show this Earth how Grateful you are for the Emotions that our Bodies have Provided for us to Serve as our Moral Compass


However this Piece Speaks to You - I Hope it Brings you Peace!



► Moon Gratitude

► Transcending Negative Emotions

► Healing Tears

► Soul Care

Products Ordered on Weekly Basis
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