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Moon Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Aquarius Edition

Moon Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Aquarius Edition




Sacred Mountain : Mount Ararat


The story behind this composite snow-capped volcano located in Turkey, is as altruistic as it gets. Humanitarianism, Aquarius's most well-known trait, ties in perfectly to this sacred area as it is said to be the mythical landing spot of Noah's Ark as mentioned in the Book of Genesis. This holy mountain, or stratovolcano, was the first peak poking above the Great Flood waters.


《 January 20 - February 19 》


You are the unconventional rebel of the zodiac, making you a wizard at thinking outside of the box. Your humanitarian ways stem from deep down in your soul and are the stepping stones to everything you do in Life. The perfect recipe for an inventive mind, you are the intellectual leader in whatever you set your mind to. Your ruling planet Uranus gives you the edge of "knowing" and having a clear vision of what's ahead. Violets and other psychedelic colours speak to you and your outlandish personality. Your precious stone of choice is Amethyst, which heightens your strive for peace and equality, as well as keeps you at ease with the ever-changing world.


Key phrase of choice : "I KNOW"



FREE postage within Canada

- vinyl

- waterproof

- weatherproof

- dishwasher safe

- lasts on surfaces up to 5+ years!

*do not stick directly on car paint*

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