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Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Capricorn Edition

Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Capricorn Edition




Sacred Mountain : Áhkká (Queen of Lapland)


This huge massif located in Sweden has an extraordinary size, constituting 12 individual peaks and 10 glaciers. Áhkká holds high status and prestige within the Sámi indigenous culture, just like Capricorn's desire for high reputation and position. The uniqueness of this areas long history of reindeer herding as a form of livelihood, closely ties with Capricorn's symbol, the Mountain Goat. Strong-will and determination, this signs strongest traits - is what will preserve this ancient tradition and help keep the Sámi cutlure preserved for generations to come.


《 December 21 - January 20 》


You are ambitious, yet weary to make decisions without fully organizing and planning out the outcome. When it comes to formulating an idea, and putting it into action, you shine the brightest out of all the zodiacs. “Slow and steady wins the race" is a quote that relates perfectly to this sign, because it embodies your practical approach to life and your inevitable climb to the top of every mountain. Saturn being your ruling planet, adds to the slow and steady approach to each conquest you encounter, as Saturn teaches us many lessons along our life’s journey. Indigo, and shades of purple appeal to your senses, reminding you of the power of alchemy. Your precious stone of choice is garnet, which heightens your ability to know clearly what steps to take in whatever direction you set your mind to.


Key phrase of choice : "I USE"

- vinyl

- waterproof

- weatherproof

- dishwasher safe

- lasts on surfaces up to 5+ years!

*do not stick directly on car paint*

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