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Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Sagittarius Edition

Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Sagittarius Edition




Sacred Mountain : Mauna Kea


Located in Hawaii, this volcano is sacred to Native peoples as an elder ancestor, and embodies deities from Hawaiian culture and religion. It is said to be so sacred, that the volcano itself represents the ancestral ties to Creation itself. Being the home of divine deities and the meeting place of Papa (Earth Mother), Mauna Kea is a reflection of the Sagittarius's well-known attributes of living with no limits, and exploring destination unknown.


《 November 22 - December 21》


You are mighty, and need an outlet that lets you express your freedom, independence, and thirst for expansion. You fly high, free as a bird, always utilizing your ‘Eagle Eye’ vision. The archer in your symbolism clearly depicts your need for exploration, as you always point your arch in the direction of a grand adventure. Focus your high energy on people and activities that zero in on unlimited possibilities and future growth. Jupiter, being your ruling planet backs up your quest for knowledge and adventure. This sign has a marked affinity for the saffron color, or pale oranges and yellows that accentuates optimism, brightness and good cheer. Your precious stone of choice is turquoise, which inevitably aids in your lifelong quest for wholeness, and expansion.


Key phrase of choice : "I SEE"



FREE postage within Canada

- vinyl

- waterproof

- weatherproof

- dishwasher safe

- lasts on surfaces up to 5+ years!

*do not stick directly on car paint*

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