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Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Scorpio Edition

Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Scorpio Edition




Sacred Mountain : the Badlands


This sacred place is located in South Dakota. Scorpio's are one of the most determined signs in the zodiac, and this reflects the relentless ability for this sacred area to provide shelter and spiritual endeavours to those who have searched for spiritual guidance. The Lakota Sioux tribes would come to this harsh terrain for vision quests, which after deep meditation they would chant their animal spirit to meet them and act as their protector for the rest of their lives here on earth. Just like Scorpio's exquisite sixth sense, the Badlands have a remarkable way of uncovering the unseen fortunes of the spiritual realms.


《 October 22 - November 22 》


You are wickedly passionate, carrying around with you a stinger that can cut through steel. Your willpower and determination makes up your very being, and is the backbone to your Life quest. The magical magnetic aura you give off is hypnotizing to those around you, making you irresistible. Those in your close circle are absolutely entwined in your ultra-sensitive, caring heart space. Your ruling planet is Pluto which embodies your deeply intuitive nature. Colours like purple, deep red or maroon symbolize a tinge of mysticism and occult in which the sign of Scorpio loves. Your precious stone of choice is topaz, which revitalizes your thirst for passion.


Key phrase of choice : "I DESIRE"


FREE postage within Canada

- vinyl

- waterproof

- weatherproof

- dishwasher safe

- lasts on surfaces up to 5+ years!

*do not stick directly on car paint*

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