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Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Taurus Edition

Sacred Mountain Zodiac Vinyl Sticker - Taurus Edition




Sacred Mountain : Mount Kailash


This extremely sacred mountain is what Buddhist religions refer to as an earthly manifestation of the spiritual center of the earth. Taurus is represented by the bull, in which its spirit binds especially well to the earth plane. A strong tie to the earths axis - Mount Kailash embodies four sheer faces that match the cardinal points on a compass. The act of climbing this mountain is forbidden, for fear of disrupting the sanctity and divine energies that encompass the throne of Shiva.


《 April 19 - May 20 》


You are determined, practical and have a way with figuring out the best possible action for everything. You think and organize a plan of attack, and go about it with a calm demeanor. Honesty above all else is your motto, and you value loyalty and genuine relationships to your core. Your ruling planet is Venus, which strengthens your attraction for all things pleasurable, and makes soft pinks a very harmonious shade that does wonders to help keep you calm. Your precious stone of choice is emerald, which helps bring you back to earth, and grounds your slow and steady approach to Life. 


Key phrase of choice : "I HAVE"




FREE postage within Canada

- vinyl

- waterproof

- weatherproof

- dishwasher safe

- lasts on surfaces up to 5+ years!

*do not stick directly on car paint*

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