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Current Projects

All of The Cosmic Cardinal's previous, current, and upcoming endeavours will be listed here.


The designs upon her creations will be updated in this space as well, as new revelations arise.

Her latest and most cherished piece of work that is currently being procured to the highest attainable ideals, is her unfinished Book called :

"The Art of Duality"

The Art of Duality

A compilation of masterpieces throughout the Ages, inspired by every Being that has ever walked the face of this Earth. The mirror to Creator's existence lies within our Soul, and within this teaching, we can find the meaning to the essence of our own Creations.


"We Are Speaking" - Painting

This creation speaks to through the frequency of our Earth Mother, the vibration of our vessels, these temples we call our bodies. Each stroke of Dayna's brush voices the cries of our unspoken allies of the Natural World. Through the trees, the mountains and the wildlife, she conveys a message of Truth to all who need to receive it - in the most eye-pleasing of ways.


The Complete Medicine Wheel

Dayna is working tirelessly at procuring a cookbook designed to bring our physical bodies back into alignment, through preserving wisdom of the Earths remedies. We are children of the Earth, so we must listen to our Mother when she tells us to eat our vegetables. Mother Earth has provided a remedy for every disease, so it is Dayna's ultimate goal to locate the medicine for the Ills of humanity.

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