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Dayna's Creative Vision with these written Incantations is to promote healing of the Mind, Body, and Soul 


Her Poetry and Prose are specifically designed to Inspire readers to Connect with their Creative Spark and find a Deeper sense of Purpose

"Gaia's Grace"

Greetings Earth Child,

You are so Brave,

So Beautifully Wild.


It's Me,

the Dirt beneath your Feet,

I’ve United the Bird with Her Beak.


My Voice has been Found,

Within the moss-covered Ground.


there is much Here to Say,

Forgive me, there Will be No more Delay.


the Mystery of Life’s Dualities, 

have Caused my Children Tragedy. 


through the Misconceptions of Polarity,

We are Here to Guide Darkness to Clarity.


You are Precious and Sacred,

Please Know, this Time Apart was Not Wasted.



Without further A-Due,

I would like to Thank-You.


Good Rising, 

It’s been a Long Slumber,

We haven’t Spoke in a few Numbers.


I am Waking up to this Cinema,

Earthlings, I do Not Align with these Carcinomas.


I’ve Re-connected with these Roots,

Asked for Guidance from Spruce.


He Spoke of Purification,

to Rid these Minds of Sinister Toxins,

He asked that we Drink the Moon Water concoctions. 


suggested We be the Healer of our Temples,

Reassured with a Whisper :

Please, don’t be afraid to Stumble


Through this Elders Wisdom,

I brought myself back to my Kingdom.


the Turbulence outside is our Tool,

so Listen close Child,

be Clever, unlike the Hopeless Fool.


who Creates from a Place of Ego,

Ignorant to the Sacred Eye of Indigo.


your True Self is Found through Balance,

let’s Drop the “I”, to Find True Essence. 


when Sparks Fly and Tempers Rage,

Come see Me,

We will Burn the Sage.


If your Looking for Peace,

I ask that Please,

Allow the Baggage to be Released.


it is in this Moment that we Collide,

to Mix our Sacred Waters within the Tide.


as this Earth's Core Vibration Radiates,

My only Wish Now, is for Us all to Co-Create!

~ All My Relations ~

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