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Healthcare Cross-Pollination Consult

Join the Healing Earth Society team and get your product / service promoted on our platform! Hiy Hiy

  • 30 minutes
  • Free
  • Phone Call

Service Description

With the new laws and bills that are being passed here in Canada, and Internationally... the people must be on their best game plan when it comes to accessing authentic and genuine healthcare. We will not be fooled by the systems corrupt ways, and we will not back down when it comes to taking care of ourselves as a whole. Our people must be in alignment : Mind, Body, Spirit. The world needs your light, your wisdom and your sacred services in order to keep strong within this battlefield. We are at war, but we will succeed if we stick together and stand up for whats right! We are looking for natural and holistic partners to work with, and we will promote your services where we see fit. This consultation will go over your products, or your profession and how you would like to be represented on our platform. As a networking inter-web of sorts, Healing Earth Society takes pride in sharing as many resources with the people, so we can take our health into our own hands. "heal ourselves, so we can heal the world" Looking forward to sharing this healing journey with you, Many blessings Dayna

Contact Details

Grand Forks, BC, Canada

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