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Higher Purpose Custom Art Creation

The Mystical Creation your Mind is piecing together - Let me Help by Creating Your Answers!

  • 1 hour
  • 122 Canadian dollars
  • Distance - Online Service

Service Description

Our subconscious finds ways to seek the guidance we need, and through our own intuition we are led to offerings like these. This Visual Representation of what is swirling around in your Mind Space, will come through as a Message that will help you on your Higher Path. These Creations may seen like a reading, but please be Mindful they are not Predictive, they are both Objective (factual) and Subjective (intuitive). They are based on what our psyche needs to hear right NOW. If the Image startles something within - go with it! Don't expect everything in Life to come through as what we "want" to hear or see. Just trust what is being Received is Meant for You, and for You Only to Interpret its Meanings. I Create the Correct Image, and it is up to You Alone, to Decipher the Codes that Spirit has been showing you through Nature, Art, and the People we surround ourselves with. Artwork: The Ethereal space that surrounds us all comes through as Messages, and with this ability to bring back these vibrational currents through my Artwork, I am able to create a Visual Design that will provide Healing to your Subconscious Mind. Dayna translates Messages coming through into a physical piece of Artwork. This unique piece of Healing Art will be sure to add a Source of Inspiration within your Psyche for Future Use and continued Healing. The Sky is Limitless, and here I am utilizing your Imagination to pull out all the Hidden Meanings. All you need to provide is : ~ your Birth Date + time you were born ~ City or Town you were born ~ your Full Name at Birth If you Love your Creation, or it brought you some form of Alignment in your Life, please leave me a review! The review you leave for me will be Greatly appreciated, while this Way, your Honest Comment will help me Complete the Circle of Karma, allowing me to continue to provide these Services for such a Low Cost. Your Kind Words and Honest opinion of my Offerings is Priceless. I look forward to supporting you along your search for Higher Purpose! with Love and Grace, Dayna

Contact Details

Grand Forks, BC, Canada

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