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Life Path Reading + Custom Art

The little Mystical Nudge your Subconscious is asking for to help Fulfill your Higher Purpose!

  • 1 hour
  • 188 Canadian dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Gentle introduction to your Sidereal Astrology chart, we will discuss how your Body and Mind are seeking expression through your Energetic Blueprint. Backed-up with Intuitive Insights, paired with Guidance from Astrology, Numerology, and DNA Gene Sequence Interpretation, you will be thrilled with the Messages that come through during the Session. Our Subconscious finds ways to Seek the Guidance we Need, and through our own Intuition we are led to offerings like the one I am Offering at this Time. Intention here is directed towards widening our Lens of Awareness to See into our own lives through an outside Perspective. This is your Mirror - and Here we will Deepen your Love and Trust with your Innermost Self, as well as the Collective Soul we are Experiencing. Here, there is No Judgement. Here, is a Safe Space for Personal Growth, Expansion, and Compassionate Emotional Healing. This reading will come through as a message that will help you along Your Path. My readings are not Predictive, they are both Objective (factual) and Subjective (intuitive). They are designed to provide what it is your psyche needs to hear right NOW in this moment. Do not expect to hear what you "want" to hear! It is easier to Integrate changes in an individuals life using Increments - so that is the premise of why my readings are very Direct and to the Point. My readings are based on Right-Brain and Left-Brain combined Channels, and the information that I receive and provide for you arrive through what's called the "Claires". Artwork : The Ethereal space that surrounds us all comes through as Messages, and with this message I am able to create a Visual Design that will provide Healing to your Subconscious Mind. Thus, by creating with Aether, by bringing down a Physical piece of Artwork, I am able to create a design that comes from the Chart reading - to add Source's of Inspiration within the Psyche for Future Use! All you need to provide is : ~ your Birth Date + time you were born ~ City or Town you were born ~ your Full Name at Birth If you love your reading, or it brought you some form of alignment in your Life, please leave me a review! The review you leave for me will be greatly appreciated, and is in a way, will complete the Circle of Abundance for my affordable service. Your Kind Words and Honest opinion of my offerings is Priceless! I look forward to supporting you along your search for Higher Purpose! with Love and Grace, Dayna

Contact Details

Grand Forks, BC, Canada

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