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Master Your Life - Alignment Consult

Bring Order to the Chaos through maximizing Ultimate Abundance! ~ And So It Is ~

  • 1 hour
  • 44
  • Phone Call

Service Description

This is a Meet and Greet opportunity, for myself to get to know your current Vision, so I can help assist you in getting the absolute most out of your Higher Purpose! During this meeting we will discuss and brainstorm some simple solutions to your daily routine that can bring alignment to the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Parts that make you a Whole. We will dive into your Passions, what makes you feel all giddy because it makes you feel like a Kid again. This Space is Safe - so if you wish to share with me what you See yourself growing into, and How you would Love to offer your Gifts. I will get to know you better, so we can work Together to Blend the Lines between Business and Freedom. If you do not have anything in Mind going into this Consultation, I assure you we will come up with something that Aligns with your Highest Purpose by the end of the phone call! Sometimes during these Meet and Greets, if the individual is comfortable with it I would get to know you during the Call or Meet by looking over your Natal Chart - and possibly relay a message that is being asked to get to you from the Aethers. Looking forward to being apart of your New Journey, and helping to create Value for your Passions! Many blessings, Dayna

Contact Details

Grand Forks, BC, Canada

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