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Services breakdown explained in detail here :

Healing Pathways

The only way for Humans to Truly Experience this Life to the Fullest, with the Least amount of Resistance is when ALL the Parts of ourselves are working in Harmony as a Whole





When the Mind and Body are connected and honoured in a good way, we are able to connect with the Great Spirit and receive guidance towards our Purpose of Creation : 
our Soul's Imprint

The Place within our Bodies that Creates this Connection is found in our Heart Space, as the currents of our Heartbeat, and Intentions are what Create our own Realities

If, at some point in our lives, we were Hurt and Lied to, or we Experienced some sort of Trauma, it shows up in our everyday Lives as a Form of Expression, which in turn can Result in Feelings of Shame and Melancholy

The MOST Important thing to
Remember on this Journey is :

Nobody is Broken
Nobody Needs "Fixing"

It is our Collective Lesson here on Earth to Love every Part of our Being
pecially the Darkness

We are all Here to be Imperfectly Perfect

Shine Your Light and Embracing Your Adversaries

(they are merely your own reflections!)

Soul Path
Blueprint Reading :

Dayna uses astrology to help bring her clients back into alignment through cosmic insight.  She shows those who are looking for real proof in their own natal chart, of their very purpose of creation.


Dayna has unlocked the truths about her own Souls mission through astrology, and is being encouraged to aid those who are in search of some authentically raw answers.

Dayna uses the ancient eastern teachings through the art of sidereal astrology in her readings, and incorporates many aspects from Vedic (Jyotish) models as well. Unlike western astrology, which has been trapping humanity in the past (roughly 1500+ years) the art of real-time astrology utilizes the exact positions of the stars and planets at this very moment, instead of the fixed positions that western astrology has engraved in our minds.

When we are searching for our purpose, we must be present with each moment, and that includes using tools that keep us in the NOW - not in the middle ages.

Discover what the stars say about your nature, and reconnect with your Soul on a level that is cosmically inspired!

Sourc Channeling
Mind | Body | Soul
Source Channeling Healing Sessions
Dayna is an Intuitive Healer, and Empath who connects her clients with Source energy through channeling. This self-taught healing technique has come from years of experience working with all walks of life, as well as guidance from many Elders and healers alike. 

This service can be utilized to alleviate all forms of imbalance - spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally. 
She provides an offering that allows her clients a space to feel safe enough to authentically express themselves... unapologetically.

Compassion and grace are the key words when it comes to our collective healing, we must acknowledge that we are all going through something. We are human, and we were designed to feel these emotions and experience these hardships during this time. In Dayna's care - you will be nurtured into health, and brought back to a childlike place where we do not see with our eyes, but with our hearts.
This is a chance for Dayna to offer guidance, based on what your Soul communicates during your session. 
 Aligning our Energy Centres to match our thoughts and emotions is the most effective way to bring our entire being into Alignment. Dayna will intuitively look into each chakra of the individuals energy centres in order to see what is happening within. She will then verbally discuss the issue, and offer remedies. Next, the energetic imprint will be removed and re-filled with pure energy from Source. 

These Source Channeling Healing Sessions are offered online, and in-person.

In-person : 
an in-person session is that it provides a retreat-like environment for the client. There are no interruptions or distractions.

Online (distance) : a distance healing requires the client to find a safe, quiet and "interruption free" space. An internet connection, or a phone / means of getting in contact with the client is also required to ensure that the session runs smoothly. 
How can a healing session work over distance?
Let us explain :
When a distance energy healing is being performed, an energetic connection is being made between the intention of the healer, and the acceptance of the energy by the client.  This is done using the same method as during an in-person healing.
Think of it this way even during an in-person session, there is distance between the healer and the client... this method of energy work is touchless and does not require any physical contact whatsoever. So, when this is done over distance there is no difference of whether that individual is in front of the healer, or on the other side of the earth. Love is boundless, and you can love someone regardless of whether they are right here with you, in the same town, living or passed on.  

Energy healing already inv
olves distance, especially when past lives, energetic attachments, inner child, or ancestral /  soul DNA are being worked on. The distance that is worked with for this type of healing modality can be over space, time, and dimensions and it does not require a client to be physically present. 

Benefits of distance sessions :

A distance healing session has its benefits too.

For example, after a distance healing the client will be able to relax and integrate in their own home for as long as they would like instead of having to focus on driving home.

Session Breakdown :

In-person : Client lies down on a bed or couch, Energy Healer makes sure the client remains comfortably lying down and at ease. Smudging and purification of the clients energy field will take place if the client consents to this practice.


Distance : Client and Energy Healer connect by phone (or Skype) and talk about what they would like to work on. Client puts on headphones which are connected to their phone or computer, while Energy Healer is on the other line.


*It is important that the connection is good, no dropped calls.*


Client must ensure that they are not disturbed for the duration of the session–this is important! We need the client’s 100% attention as we would have it if they were here. They cannot be doing anything else while the healing is in progress.

Client closes his/her eyes and relaxes, he/she remains comfortably lying down for the duration of the healing.


We discuss it over the phone in the same way as we would in person.


Once the issue is ready to be removed, we instruct the client on how to use their breath while we remove the issue at the energy level.


Then we look deeper to see what else comes up.


We discuss, release, we look again, and so on.


The more time we have together, the more layers we can uncover in one session

Soul Path
Blueprint Reading
Using one of the oldest techniques in History, Dayna utilizes the fascinating world of numbers to guide others into a state of Soul Alignment.  
Numbers are how the Universe communicates with humans, and the numbers 1-9 represent the Cardinal Numbers, which are part of every individuals unique life path. It is so important to use the tools that Creator has left for us, so that we can navigate these stormy water with ease. Humans, just like all living beings, go through lifecycles - which means that it is wise to be aware of which phase your mind, body and soul is currently going through. 

Many of us are aware of, or have felt a spark of energy within when we see repeating numbers - or what some call "Angel Numbers". This is a message from Creator, Source, Absolute... whatever name you want to refer to as a Higher Power. When we connect to this source of energy that is larger than us, we are able to receive insight about whether or not we are on the right path, or if there is an easy route just around the corner. 

The Cardinal Numbers are a fascinating way of gaining perspective into our purpose here on earth, and how we can find stability in this chaotic world. Numbers, just like letters and words are magic and can be used to manifest our futures. They carry vibration, which in essence is a frequency that is capable of shifting energy towards a certain intention. These vibrations hold information about an individuals behaviour, life patterns and karmic ties. 

There are no such things as "coincidences" and as a Numerologist, we believe that everything happens for a reason and can be explained by the use of numbers or repeating patterns. 

Numbers are a sacred pathway to the cosmic land of the untouchable, h
ence why Dayna calls herself : "The Cosmic Cardinal" !
Crystal Healing
Crystal Healing 
In-Person Sessions
Crystals are a physical form of the current matrix we find ourself in, and the make-up of each crystal is unique to its healing powers. The energy centres within our bodies (chakras) resonate to unique frequencies that are provided by certain crystals. Crystals are used to remove negative or "stuck" energy from the body while aiding to revitalize the individuals own vibration.

Dayna uses specific, and intuitively picked crystals to aid in the alignment of her clients energy centres. Crystals are able to communicate with chakras and recrystallize the proper flow of energy within these centres. 

*Channeling Source may be done during this session as well if the client does so choose to take advantage of this service when in-person. Energy work alongside crystal healing sessions are even more impactful because the crystals are being amplified by the added channeled energy.*
Gene Key
DNA Coding :
The Gene Keys +
Intuitive Insights
Our DNA is the blueprint to our purpose of creation, and the continual spiral of self-healing capabilities. Our ancestral, and soul karma follows us within our DNA and is an aspect of ourselves that can be healed fully. It takes more than just having your Gene Keys interpreted, it requires discipline to take care of ourselves in all forms, and a desire to heal from within.
DNA : deoxyribonucleic acid
Deoxy = Latin root meaning God
Ribo = Arabic meaning Rabbi, Master, Lord
Nucleic = is at the centre
Acid = chemical fire
In the sense that our DNA is the ultimate centre of our being, it would be wise to learn about our unique genetic make-up, and integrate these teachings into our daily lives. Past life regressions may play a part in our present life karma, so we have the capability to transcend as much of our inherited wounds in this lifetime because we have so many tools at our disposal to do so. Genetically, we have a path that we must follow, and it is our responsibility to trust in this, and honour our evolution as a collective. 
I use The Gene Keys by Richard Rudd to explore and bring forth imperative insights towards your journey to self-realization. Many "downloads" can arise as I work with an individuals chart. Every service I offer has intuitively guided modalities, so this reading is not limited to the use of this amazing resource from Richard Rudd. 
"Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose Hidden in Your DNA"
Learn from Richard Rudd -
“The truth lies beyond words. The many rivers of words you’ll discover here, within the Gene Keys teachings and books, all flow to the edge of the wordless. This is their sole purpose – to take you to the very banks of the eternal.”           ~ Richard Rudd
Soul Path Alignment Subliminal Healing Artwork
Dayna is a Visionary Artist who taps into higher vibrational realms to bring back symbolic healing art. As our subconscious minds are always "on", we are constantly being overloaded in today's televised world by subliminal messages. Whether that is from the television, our cellular devices, social media or signs we see on the sides of roads. The corporate world is flooding our minds with garbage and unhealthy messages, which create negative patterns within our psyches.

When we focus on positive images, thoughts, words and feelings, we are able to re-train these parts of our brains to attract great things into our lives. The way in which Dayna utilizes this ancient concept is by creating
 one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork that uniquely represents the individual and their life path.

These creations are for the current phase the client is in, which means that this type of healing therapy can be used for multiple purposes and can be a service that is used congruently with an astrology reading or any other life path service.  Dayna can use healing art to invoke a deep sense of change, and can be used to mitigate behavioural issues, boost self-esteem, and keep the client "on track" with their spiritual readings.

Intuitively, through communication with the clients soul, she pulls down etheric codes and transcribes them into a physical piece of art. This piece of art will then carry specific messages, and healing insights for the individual.
This unique variation of healing art will provide subliminal sourcing for re-wiring our minds to bring us back into alignment, in the most gentle and eye-pleasing way.
Help Your Mind - Positive Neural Pathways
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