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Please contact directly for purchasing artwork at this time.

I work in a traditional way - and like to handle each request in a personable manner.

This website is under construction, so for the time being I am able to fulfill orders the old fashion way!


Post Cards


Canvas Print Requests

I do not carry stock for canvas prints of my work, as I feel it is counter intuitive as a sustainable artist to be making an excessive amount of product that requires multiple resources to make.  I want my clients to have the option, so I have devised a pre-order system specifically for canvas print requests!


For production, sustainability and shipping purposes these requests must be handled separately than other items in my shop.

This way I can reduce carbon emmissions, by completely removing the double handling step

I support a professional sustainable print company called The Printing House, based out of Calgary AB. This company is 100% sustainable, and uses recycled paper for their products. The Printing House protects ancient forests, and is 100% Canadian owned and operated.

I offer most sizes for canvas prints (11x14, 16x20, 24x30 etc)

Less common, or specific sized canvas prints are also accepted

Please let me know which design(s) you are interested in below using the contact forum, and I will get your order started right away :)

Thank you for your understanding and support !

Here's how the process works :

1. Let me know in the contact form below which design is speaking to you

Please provide : 

- name of the design

- dimensions you would like the canvas print to be

(if unsure, I can help with this step)

- your email address

2. Once we get in contact and the canvas print order has been received by my print shop, I will send you a secure invoice in which you can pay in the following way:

- E-transfer

3. Once your canvas print is ready for shipment, I will provide you with the tracking number so you can track the package directly to your home

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