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Healing Art

With all the distractions, mind trapping propaganda, and overly depressive messages that are found around every corner, it is imperative that we return back to our natural state. Our minds are the only part of ourselves that we truly have control over, so we must re-wire our subconscious beliefs and only fill our minds with things that serve our highest good. 

These designs are one of my many methods of creating magic - spells if you will - that target inner healing in the most compassionate and eye-pleasing way.


The messages and symbolic meanings intertwined within each design holds trauma alleviating properties, that one could equivalently attain with hours of disciplined spiritual practice.

"my soul speaks, my brush follows"

"Bear'er of Life"

Bear’er of Life_edited.jpg

The Bear represents the ultimate guardian, protector of the wild and free, this utopia we call Home. 

Mama Bear speaks :
"when you take care of the land,
the land takes care of you"


Bear Spirit reminds us to nurture ourselves, reserve our energy, and protect that which is dear to us. This is the eternal mother, the soft tenderness expression of unconditional love, paired with fiercely protective tendencies.
< This is Mother Earth >
Springtime is when our four-legged friends come out of hibernation, and symbolically this is representative of the transformational shifts that come with the cycles of seasons.
Our earth mother has been depleted, abused and taken for granted as we all can see the devastating affects of climate change. This goes hand in hand with the oppression of the feminine since the dawn of time. 

earthly feminine speaks through this image, as a calling to re-connect and tune back into the natural world. Walk bare foot with the mycelium beneath our feet, breathe in the terpenes of forest air, and root into our ancestral healing. 

"Celestial Guardian"

Wolf Spirit reminds us that we are not alone in this world, and we are not required to take everything on ourselves. This is the eternal father, guardian of the pack, and the protector of the family.
< This is Father Sky >
We are reminded by the Great Wolf to always look for the answers to life from within. This life is about learning lessons, and from those experiences come wisdom beyond our comprehension. Our forefathers left us the confirmations to all of our explorations within the vast sea of stars, all we have to do is look up!

Our sense of connection with something greater than ourselves has been lost somehow, somewhere. The Great Spirit is asking us all to re-connect and find that deep yearning for spiritual awakening. We all can see the devastating affects of dogmatic religions, and mass manipulation across all realms here on Earth. This goes hand in hand with the oppression of the feminine qualities found within the collective masculine.

earthly feminine speaks through this image, as a reminder to connect with our intuitive nature. Follow your primal instincts, look up to the cosmos for guidance and live life to the beat of your own drum.

The Good, the Bad Final JPEG_edited.jpg

The Wolf represents the guardian of the pack, the embodiment of duality and the constant search for inner balance.

Papa Wolf speaks :
"as above, so below"

"as within, so without"

"Forest Friends"

Forest Friends Final JPEG.jpg

Reconnect with the Earth and integrate forest teachings into daily life.

This piece is a kind reminder to be tread lightly, be compassionate with yourself and all those your encounter.

Forest Friends say :
"when one tree falls,
the whole forest listens"

Forest Spirit reminds us how connected we are to everything around us. The symbiotic relationship between root systems and mycelium carry wisdom beyond our human comprehension. To hug the trees and absorb their wisdom is an ancient practice that benefits the whole of humanity. 
As you can see, there is a tree that has been cut down, yet there is still growth appearing out of the trunk. 
< This is Concsious Community >
A tree in a forest is only as strong as it's surrounding community. We are reminded by our ancient, yet silent friends, that in order to harmoniously co-exist in today's society, we must care for each other.


Behold carries the Spirit of Place, and reminds us of the healing capacity these landscapes carry. There is so much more to the land beneath our feet, as the stories that lie within the Earth can teach us how to move forward as a collective. 
< This is the Conscious Collective >
Humanity must take accountability for the state of our Home, this Utopia Planet we call Mother Earth. This is a crucial era where we must work alongside nature, instead of forcing our distorted tactics against the natural rhythms of the cycles of the ages.
Understanding the concept that there is Spirit in everything allows us to act more consciously. 
Our Earth Mother has supplied us with abundance, and it's time to really see and "feel" her as healthy and self-sustaining. 

Spirit of Place embodies the connections we have with all beings. Intention holds great power, and with such power holds great responsibility to demonstrate
 Earth Stewardship.

Behold Final JPEG_edited.jpg

This image is a kind reminder to hold space and honour all living things, as we are all entwined within the grand circle of life.

This image speaks :
"If humanity took a step back, nature would surely restore itself"

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