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You've Arrived!

So glad you could make it.  

My name is Dayna, or you can call me Sowilo-Azu. The Cosmic Cardinal is what most people know me as. If you see me in the forest though, call me Rabbit.

I carry a few names around with me... so wherever you funnelled through from, I'm happy your here.



Now, are you here for the Art, the Readings, or the Healings? 

See, I also wear many hats (or feathers). I am a self-taught Visionary Artist, Psychic, Astrologist, Healer and Holistic Entrepreneur. I enjoy exploring my creativity through multiple avenues. A Gemini Sun, Mercury and Rising gets bored easily, you know.
Anyways ...

Below you can be directed to which service best suits you.

Pick your fancy!

  All Things Art
- Store
- Wholesale
- Custom
- Workshops
- Tattoo
- Logo

- Psychic 
- Natal Chart
- Numerology

- Crystal
- Quantum 


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